Movies to watch this spooky season: a Halloween guide by Gojek
Movies to watch this spooky season: a Halloween guide by Gojek
01 Nov 2019

It’s the season for all things spoopy and pumpkin-laced! Curl up with your loved ones at home, turn off the lights, and be prepared to scream. Here’s a list of fave horror flicks from the Gojek team – from the cult classics to a movie just for your kiddos. Bonus: all of these are conveniently available on Netflix Singapore.

Get Out

The scariest horror movies are always the ones that reflect real-life anxieties. In Get Out, Chris – a black American man – spends a weekend with his white girlfriend and her family in their secluded home upstate. Things start off uncomfortably enough, but it gets worse.

The Shining

Stephen King’s bestselling novel comes to live in this adaption by Stanley Kubrik. Writer Jack Torrance stays/works in a quiet, remote hotel in Rocky Mountains for the winter, and brings his family along. As the days go, a sinister presence causes his son – Danny – to experience visions of the hotel’s violent past and Jack himself to descend into madness.


Irresponsible people/terrible human beings Jane and Tun accidentally run over a young woman while driving under the influence, and then flee the scene. After which, mysterious figures appear in Tun’s photographs and he starts suffering from neck pains. 

The Sixth Sense

If you don’t already know this, The Sixth Sense contains what might be the world’s biggest plot twist in the history of plot twists. Cole Sear can see dead people, and goes to psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe to figure out why.

The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants: Hack-a-Ween

If you’ve got kids with you, halloween is less jump scares and more… cute ghosts in white sheet outfits. In this Netflix-exclusive movie, halloween is cancelled by champion nerd Melvin Sneedly. Our heroes George and Harold create a Halloween alternative, which ends up very, very popular.

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