Gojek celebrates National Day with new partnerships, benefits for users
Gojek celebrates National Day with new partnerships, benefits for users
23 Feb 2024
  • Gojek partners with Sport Singapore to promote health and fitness among driver-partners through ‘Get Active with Gojek!’ event, and sport competitions
  • Gojek and Doctor Anywhere jointly offer 2,000 drivers access to a fully-subsidised prediabetes risk test
  • To mark Singapore’s 54th birthday, Gojek is giving 54 lucky riders $54 worth of ride vouchers each, through a social media contest
  • To commemorate Gojek’s presence in Singapore, the company shares key milestones of its 4-month old driver benefits programme, GoalBetter

Singapore, August 8 2019 - To celebrate the National Day long weekend, Gojek Singapore has rolled out a series of initiatives to spread the holiday cheer to its driver-partners and customers.

Get Active with Gojek!

Gojek has partnered with Sport Singapore to organise ‘Get Active with Gojek!’, an inaugural sport and wellness event to help driver-partners lead healthier lives and foster team spirit within the Gojek community. Held on August 7 at the Singapore Sports Hub, the event saw nearly 200 drivers, Gojek employees and partners come together to improve their fitness. 

The event included a big group workout (featuring moves from the 2019 GetActive! Singapore NDP Workout), as well as a session for driver-partners to engage with Gojek’s various partners, including wellness partners such as Doctor Anywhere and Gigacover, to learn how to leverage their telehealth platform and insurance products, respectively. 

Gojek's driver-partners, employees and partners engaged in a fun, mass workout together.

The event also celebrated the achievements and efforts of Gojek drivers and employees who participated in GetActive! Singapore, an annual national week of sports organised by Sport Singapore. As part of GetActive! Singapore, some 60 Gojek drivers formed teams with some 20 Gojek Singapore employees to train and compete in Pesta Sukan competitions for bowling, badminton and football. 

Lien Choong Luen, General Manager of Gojek Singapore, says: “Anyone who thinks of private-hire drivers as largely sedentary could not be more mistaken. In the last one month, we saw more than a thousand drivers sign up for our ‘Get Active with Gojek!’ event as well as the various competitions.

“We also had the opportunity to train alongside our drivers and watch them show off their sporting chops. Several drivers have even started joining our employees at weekly activities such as futsal. Bonding through sports is a great way to build a sense of community.”

Gojek driver-partners & employees received medals as part of their participation in Pesta Sukan 2019

Gojek and Sport Singapore are exploring a longer term partnership - to roll out new initiatives that will promote health and fitness not just among Gojek drivers, but its employees and customers. 

Lai Chin Kwang, Chief of ActiveSG, Sport Singapore, said: “Health and wellness are key to a sustainable work environment and we are glad to have Gojek join us to encourage more Singaporeans to lead active and balanced lifestyles. We hope Gojek participants enjoyed their sporting experiences in this year’s GetActive! Singapore. 

“I strongly encourage more organisations to follow Gojek’s lead as we embark on the next phase of Vision 2030 to impact more Singaporeans through sport.”

Watch the ‘Get Active with Gojek!’ video here.

Prediabetes risk test

Gojek will be offering 2,000 driver-partners access to a fully-subsidised prediabetes risk test, under its driver benefits programme, GoalBetter. The tests are part of a trial starting from August 8. They will be funded by Gojek, and represent a joint effort between Gojek and Doctor Anywhere to help driver-partners detect health conditions early and take charge of their health, and to support the Singapore government’s ongoing war on diabetes.

Driver-partners must have qualified for GoalBetter to be eligible for the trial. To take the test, drivers can sign up with Gojek and visit any of Doctor Anywhere’s eight clinics islandwide. Following the trial, Gojek will explore expanding the initiative to the rest of its driver-partners.

Gojek’s Mr Lien says: “We want to do more to promote mental health and physical fitness among our driver-partners, who are an important part of the Gojek community. We hope that through our sport and wellness initiatives, we can encourage them to exercise more, lead more active lives, and also inspire their loved ones to stay healthy.”

Lim Wai Mun, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Doctor Anywhere, adds: “These wellness initiatives are testament to Gojek and Doctor Anywhere’s joint commitment to boost driver-partners’ health and wellness, and improve their quality of life. 

“To show our continued support, we brought our staff down to the ‘Get Active with Gojek!’ event to promote healthy living amongst driver-partners’ and celebrate their achievements, and we look forward to more meaningful health engagement initiatives like this in the near future!"

Have You Ever: Singapore Edition

In celebration of Singapore’s 54th birthday, Gojek will be giving riders the chance to each win $54 in ride vouchers. Over the long weekend from August 8 to August 12, riders can participate in this National Day contest (titled ‘Have You Ever: Singapore Edition’) on Gojek’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 54 winners will be selected and announced on August 13.

GoalBetter milestones

Driver-partners have enjoyed expansive benefits through GoalBetter, the dynamic, ever-growing driver benefits programme by Gojek which launched in April, 2019. 

Key milestones of the programme include:

  • Driver-partners having saved over S$1 million in fuel spend, a result of Gojek’s partnership with Esso and DBS - Singapore’s largest petrol and bank networks, respectively - to provide its drivers with competitive fuel rebates.
  • Nearly 150 driver-partners using telehealth services on Doctor Anywhere, on the back of Gojek’s partnership with Doctor Anywhere, a healthcare app that offers a holistic range of health and wellness services on a single, integrated platform.
  • 30 driver-partners having been accepted to GoBlazers, a driver community and innovation programme under which drivers will sign a non-disclosure agreement and be the first to experience new products and features by Gojek.
  • Nearly a third of all active Gojek driver-partners being insured by Gigacover, a Singapore-based insurance technology company focused on the protection needs of freelancers, with which Gojek has partnered to provide Prolonged Medical Leave insurance to its drivers.

About Gojek

Gojek Group is Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand multi-service platform technology group, providing access to a wide range of services from transportation and payments to food delivery, logistics and other on-demand services. The Gojek app was launched in January 2015 to provide motorbike delivery and ride-sharing services, and has rapidly expanded to meet the diverse needs of Southeast Asian consumers. Today, it is an integrated technology group that operates a number of platforms and businesses that are embedded in many aspects of the average Southeast Asian’s daily life. 

The Group was founded on the principle of using technology to improve the lives of people, by providing them access to products and services, helping to create more value for society, improving efficiency and productivity, and boosting financial inclusion.

About GoalBetter

GoalBetter is a dynamic, ever-growing driver benefits programme by Gojek that is built on four pillars: better earnings stability; better protection; better flexibility; and better experience. Through partnerships with third-party service providers, Gojek will offer its driver-partners a suite of benefits that align with GoalBetter’s four pillars.

A summary of GoalBetter partnerships and benefits:

  • Gojek is partnering with Gigacover - a Singapore-based insurance technology company focused on the protection needs of freelancers - to provide Prolonged Medical Leave insurance to driver-partners.
  • Gojek is partnering with Esso and DBS - Singapore’s largest petrol and bank networks, respectively - to provide our drivers with competitive fuel rebates.
  • Gojek is partnering with Doctor Anywhere - a healthcare app that offers a holistic range of health and wellness services on a single, integrated platform - to provide drivers with convenient access to online and physical medical consultation services.
  • Gojek is partnering with Singtel - Singapore’s leading communications technology group - to provide drivers with competitive mobile and lifestyle perks.
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