Coffee with GoTroops: what happens in GoHub?
Coffee with GoTroops: what happens in GoHub?
23 Feb 2024

The GoHub sees hundreds of driver-partners daily for their support and onboarding needs! Ever wondered what goes behind the scenes of this well-oiled machine? We sit down with Taufiq, Avinash, and Zhen Yu for a glimpse into their lives as GoTroops.

Avinash, 28 – Onboarding

Team Gojek (TG): Tell us a little bit about what you do here in GoHub.

Avinash (A): Hey, thanks for coming by! I’m the first point of contact for any drivers looking to register with us. I onboard them. This means I make sure everything is in order and all their necessary documents are ready. If they meet the requirements, then they’ll immediately be registered. 

TG: What’s a day like in your life here in GoHub?

A: I come in at 9.30, and I end at 6. In between those times I register these drivers, run through with them how the app works, what the incentives are like, and tell them everything else they’ll need to know to earn on the platform.

TG: Congrats on being the GoTroop of the month in GoHub! Before you became part of Gojek, what were you previously doing?

A: Thank you! I was an accountant in a Japanese company. My background was in financial studies, but I realized I thrive well communicating with people. Back then it was just me and a calculator, laptop, and spreadsheets. Today, I meet all sorts of people in less than 12 hours. 

TG: What do you love most about being a GoTroop?

A: I’ve got a dream team. This matters most – my peers are great, we help each other along the way all the time. 

TG: What’s the biggest challenge about your job?

A: Gojek is new to Singapore, which means every now and then we get cases we’re not used to. We deal with them as and when they come along. But my teammates are great, so we have all the emotional support we’d need.

Taufiq, 25 – Driver support

TG: What do you do in GoHub?

Taufiq (T): I help out with issues that drivers face. I cover anything between 10–20 cases a day. Most of these are solvable immediately. Anything beyond that, we’ll escalate to the relevant teams. 

TG: How did you end up working in GoHub?

T: Funny story, actually. I was in a marketing role previously when I broke my arm and got a 2-month-long MC. When I returned, things have changed so much that it did not feel like home, so I made the jump to switch careers.

TG: What keeps you going?

T: I love my job, but to me the people here are the best. My colleagues are more like family – we hang out after work. The people are great, down to earth, and so warm. 

TG: What’s the hardest part about your job?

T: As with other customer-facing jobs, I think it’s managing the expectations of driver-partners. But it comes back to our values – as long as we’re empathetic, we try our hardest to solve the problems our drivers face, and we lend them a listening ear, these things get resolved easily.

Zhen Yu, 23 – Escalation

TG: What do you do in GoHub?

Zhen Yu (ZY): I’m from the escalation team – also known as the command center. This is where we handle critical issues and customer service cases, like accidents, conflicts, etc. Our core responsibility is to provide support to all parties involved. 

TG: What were you doing before this?

ZY: I stumbled upon this job and just decided to give it a try. It’s been 9 months in, and I think I’m staying here for good. I have a background in international logistics, but most of what I do today relies on my 4 years of part-time customer service experience.

TG: What would be the biggest challenge of being part of this team? 

ZY: Being the middleman for everyone, remaining objective, and making sure people are held accountable for any mistakes. It’s challenging, but it excites me – you see something new every day. 

TG: What do you love doing outside of work?

ZY: I’m a freelance photographer, and I cycle quite a bit.

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