News · 4 Dec 2019

Moving towards a #CityofGood

We had started with humble beginnings in 2010 – as a call center for motorcycle taxis in Jakarta, and slowly we’ve grown with the principle of using technology to help ease the everyday lives of users in mind.

This Christmas, we’re just as dedicated to giving back. We’ll be supporting some of the causes on, and invite you to do the same! is a government-backed platform that makes it easy for you to connect with charities of choice. There is no service fee for donations, which means that all your money goes to a good cause. There are also plenty of volunteering opportunities for you to sign up for. 

However it is you want to give – by donating or by volunteering, alone or with friends and colleagues –, is the best platform to give back.

On our end, Gojek supports the likes of St Luke’s Eldercare, Assisi Hospice, Alzheimer’s Disease Association, Reach Community Services, Yayasan MENDAKI, and Willing Hearts.

Bring Our Elders Home Safely for St Luke’s ElderCare

For every $10 you donate, the Gojek team will provide a $10 transport voucher to St Luke’s ElderCare – these vouchers will help alleviate the elders’ day-to-day transport costs.

Philanthropy through Photography for Willing Hearts

Satya Nagaram offers family, lifestyle, and wedding photography – you may wish to offer a donation to Willing Hearts in lieu of payment for his services.

If you (can't recall) for Alzheimer's Disease Association

Donations for the Alzheimer's Disease Association go to training for caregivers, food for New Horizon daycare centre, and more.

Climbathon 2019 for Yayasan MENDAKI

Your contribution will go towards cheering on a team of 50 trekkers to trek towards Annapurna Base Camp at Nepal – and more importantly, raise money for the beneficiaries of the Education Trust Fund (ETF).

Project Makan! by Society for the Aged Sick

Project Makan! aims to raise funds for providing a wider range of meals to its residents – e.g. local food, dessert, and barbeque. Additional funds will go into a higher frequency of these meals.

For a full list of causes the likes of animal welfare, children, education, arts, women, health, and more, click here.

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