Valentine’s Day cheat sheet: celebrating baes, bffs, and everything in between
Valentine’s Day cheat sheet: celebrating baes, bffs, and everything in between
07 Feb 2020

There’s nothing that quite puts the pressure on romance like a commercialized, mandated holiday – we get it. Valentine’s Day is rife with unspoken expectations, cheesy pop tunes, and sometimes... even heartbreak. But that’s okay! Whether you’re vehemently against any display of love, or you disagree and love love wholeheartedly, the Gojek team’s here to help you celebrate with our list of not-so-typical places to be, no matter how you like your V’Day served.

You celebrate all matters of the heart, and you’re not afraid to show it. Here are the best events for you to soak up all the love:

Image from: Facebook – Ethos Books

Please Text Me Back: A Filthy Valentine’s Reading

When: 14 February

Where: The Projector

Revel in a night of – and take inspiration from – naughty poems from the authors at indie publisher Ethos Books: Alfian Sa’at, Marylyn Tan, and Pooja Nansi. Hosted by Preetipls, this one is guaranteed to spice things up and make you blush.

Image from: Facebook – Camp Kilo Charcoal Club

Camp Kilo x Sidecar: Sausage & Buns

When: 14 February

Where: Camp Kilo Charcoal Club

Ditch the hoity toity, 20-course spread at a fancy hotel and wind down with your SO at Camp Kilo instead. This casual dinner option comes with hot dogs courtesy of Sidecar Sausages, Camp Kilo’s own signature roast meats, and music by Brendon P.

Image from: ANDSOFORTH

Valhalla and The Chambers of Asgard

When: From 6 February

Where: Remains a secret until day-of

From ANDSOFORTH – the local name that’s become synonymous with immersive theatrical dining – comes a whole new way to celebrate V-Day: with a bunch of Norse gods. Expect journeying through Asgard, a 5-course meal, and a not-totally-romantic experience like no other.

Take a leaf out of Leslie Knope’s notebook and celebrate your best pals this Valentine’s. Here are the best events to catch for a successful Galentine’s:

Image from: Facebook – improv.asia

Date My Friend: A Dating Show by PowerPoint Karaoke

When: 18 February

Where: The Hive Carpenter

We’re not ones to preach about the need for a significant other, but if your friend has explicitly stated they’re single and definitely looking, play wingman in this Crazy-Rich-Asians-meets-improv-comedy-themed night of matchmaking.

Image from: Facebook – Beauty Pantry

Pop-up Pantry: A Valentine’s Beauty Swap Edition

When: 8 February


Self care is the best form of love. Gather your friends – along with your lightly-used beauty products that deserves a second chance – for a day of buying and trading with Beauty Pantry. Expect reasonably-priced items, a chance to personalize your own nail polish, gluten-free, vegan cupcakes, and even get a Jagua ink tattoo.

This Hallmark holiday does not work for you. People say you’re jaded, but you prefer the term realistic. If all you want to do on Valentine’s Day is be alone, but maybe with other people, here are the places to be:

Image from: Facebook – Lucha Loco – Mexican Cocina Y Bar

HEARTS GO LOCO: The Kinky Edition

When: 14 February

Where: Lucha Loco

Lucha Loco’s annual anti-Valentine’s party returns with a vengeance. Bring a pic of your ex and bash them on a piñata; dress up in your sexiest outfits to win dining vouchers and *ahem* adult toys; or just dance along to old-school hip hop and R&B as you celebrate your independence.

Image from: Facebook – Kult Yard / Siao Char Bor Comedy

Love Will Tear Us Apart by Siao Char Bor Comedy

When: 15 February

Where: Kult Yard

Take all your bad date stories from the night before in this stand-up comedy sesh, and see them come to life/made better as Yun Qing Liau, Jessica Vas, and Kevin Low improvise them to perfection. Sales from drinks will go to The T Project, Singapore’s only shelter for transgender people. 

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