A Valentine’s Day guide for lovers, pals, and singly-mingly folks
A Valentine’s Day guide for lovers, pals, and singly-mingly folks
23 Feb 2024

Welcome to the best/worst holiday of the year, depending on how you look at it. Whether you love love or hate anything romantic with a burning passion, we’ve got your back! Read on for this week’s curated list on things to do with your lovers, friends, or alone – activities that Gojek will help you get to, of course. 

Congratulations on not being alone on Valentine’s! Show your S.O. you love ‘em by doing these together:

Images from: Muvee Space

Book a private cinema for the whole day

Rent a theater from Muvee Space for just the two of you to binge on all the Marvel flicks you can squeeze in 8 hours, or all of the lovey-dovey rom coms that make you cry. Go on, we won’t judge! Prices start from $78 for a 2-hour slot and the price tag includes refreshments.

Images from: thegentlescent

Light up with made-to-order candles

New candle company thegentlescent makes new candles upon every order, which means every gift from them is a special gift for your loved one. Their candles come with custom-blend scents and crackly, cozy wood wicks. You can also pick up any one of the moulded candles if your bae’s into classy, minimalist decor.

You’ve got pals you love, and Valentine’s doesn’t have to be just romantic. Here’s what to do:

Images from: threads by sabs

Order custom Spotify code totes

threads by sabs does seriously cute totes with song titles and spotify codes. If you’ve got a theme song for your life that you share with your best friends, or if you know their favorite songs, here’s a wallet-friendly way to send them something sweet for V-Day.

Images from: HiRoller Indoor Skating Rink

Groove at HiRoller Indoor Skating Rink

The basic rule is: what you can do with lovers, you can do with friends. If you don’t have a cute date to bring to this retro roller-skating rink, call your friends, dress in your 70s best, and get going. 

Sometimes solo is the best way to go. Here's what you can do to treat 'yo self.

Images from: g.spa

Soak in and wind down

Self love is still love. From $68, gain entry to this spa that has you covered for relaxing dips in pools, massage treatments, facials, body scrubs, and even an all-day buffet to indulge in. The establishment runs 24 hours a day, so if you’re feeling especially tense from your parents nagging at you to find a partner at 2 in the morning, you know where to go.

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