5 eye-opening tour deals for rediscovering Singapore
5 eye-opening tour deals for rediscovering Singapore
23 Feb 2024

Deals for diving deep in Singapore remain aplenty, which is great news as we continue waiting for the first of our travel bubbles to set up. Here’s 5 tours that will show you different facades of this little red dot. Hop on board, take a Gojek – there’s a tour for everyone,  even if what you’re planning is really surprising your closest inner circle with a trip to a quiet island where you can pretend things are normal just for a brief moment in time

Image from: Chan Brothers

Development of Architecture Walk + 3D2N Staycation Bundle 

From $148

Land scarcity in Singapore is a very real issue, but the buildings the city has continued to home are varied and rich in architectural history. Top off your heritage walk with a relaxing stay at either Raffles Hotel or One Farrer Hotel.

Image from: National Parks Board

Pulau Ubin + Chek Jawa Wetlands Tour

From $58

Go over the sea and step into a Singapore of the 60s in the heart of Pulau Ubin. The tour also includes a visit all the way into Chek Jawa Wetlands, where nature enthusiasts can delight at the different ecosystems uncovered during lower tides.

Image from: Tribe Tours

Disappearing Trades Tour

From $98

Speaking of things of the past, this tour will take you behind the scenes of how traditional loaves were made pre-modern Singapore, as well as give you a deeper look into how intricate paper effigies for the dead are made. The tour also includes a visit to a popular coffee roaster – no lattes or V60s here, just plain, comforting kopi-o.

Image from: Origin Journeys

Dual Farm Tour

From $50

Unearth some of the green and goodness this island has to offer with this tour, which takes you to Bollywood Veggies in Kranji as well as Hay Dairies, which houses over 800 goats of mixed breeds.

Image from: Byte Size Productions

Bonus: Photoshoot with Byte Size Productions

At 50% off

Not technically a tour, but one that will likely bring you to picturesque places. If you’d like a not-too-fancy photoshoot with anyone you really love, this deal comes with 1-2 hours of shooting photos and videos each, and you get 50 edited photos as well as a 1-2 minute video.

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