Bust your boredom: fun things to do with the fam
Bust your boredom: fun things to do with the fam
23 Feb 2024

We’re coming close to a month of working from home, and embracing what is the new normal. Time to get out of your rooms and/or individual work spaces, get the family together for a breather, and enjoy the time spent together! This week, on Gojek’s list of things to do: spending quality time with your family.

Bring the hot pot home

Miss the mala and beauty-inducing collagen soup bases? Good news: you can recreate the entire thing at home. It’s also the perfect excuse to stop all that you’re doing and come together for a sit-down meal. Order your ingredients and equipment from an online grocery service, and get going!

Piece a puzzle together

No game has ever been more perfect for circuit-breaking. A 1,000-piece puzzle requires time, alert eyes, and the desire to have something relatively brainless to do – all of which your entire family now comes equipped with.

Sing the same tunes

Quan Min Party is a glorious KTV app that allows you to enter virtual karaoke rooms to sing with anyone else on the platform. This is a Mandarin app, so if you don’t speak the language, there’s also Smule, and a Baby Karaoke app for the young'uns. 

Have a Switch party

Don’t have a Nintendo Switch yet? Get on it – seriously. From Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to Overcooked 2, there are so many titles that you can play with the family for hours on end (or really, just get one for yourself to build the crafty island of your dreams in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We won’t judge!).

Psst… we want to celebrate Mother’s Day with you!

Even as the world hits pause due to a global pandemic, mothers simply do not stop being mothers. We want to hear about your moms and how they’ve shaped you! Tell us more by answering any of the following questions in landscape video format (and make sure to keep it under a minute):

1) A word to describe my mom is: ______

2) The most memorable thing my mom’s ever done was... 

3) One trait I’ve inherited from my mom is…

More details here

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