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Singapore’s best thrift shops: a Gojek guide to sustainable shopping

Travel into the thrilling world of thrift-shopping with us! If you’ve seen the fashionable TikTokers sharing their Earth-loving, wallet-friendly hauls and want in, here are the best places to get to.

Image from: @honsieponsie


Where: Queensway Shopping Centre, #02-40A

What started as a humble Instagram account reviewing thrift finds in Singapore has since transformed into a stellar thrift find within this city itself. Shop from a collection of Y2K shirts, uncle-certified polo shirts, cord pants, and way, way more.

Image from: The Fashion Pulpit

The Fashion Pulpit

Where: 5 Straits View, #01-04

Bring your own clothes. Sign up for a membership (there’s also a one-time swap option). Swap with clothes you find in the store. It’s a great way to clear and refresh your wardrobe. 

Image from @shibui.secondhand


Where: Online

shibui doesn’t state a specific time period their pieces come from, but their collection boasts a strong 90s look. Think “modern female lead in a rom com before the turn of the century” vibes.

Images from: @fourth.orbit

Fourth Orbit

Where: Online

Minimalism is out. Grandma maximalism is in. Get your next wild-colored, kitschy item for display in this trinket store of secondhand finds.

Image from: Dignity Mama

Bonus: Dignity Mama

Where: Various locations

For the bookworms: pick up your next page turner from a Dignity Mama stall, which employs young adults with special needs and teaches them basic entrepreneurial skills. If you’ve got books that deserve a good home, you can also donate them to Dignity Mama.

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