Gojek recommends: Artsy things to do during Art Week
Gojek recommends: Artsy things to do during Art Week
11 Jan 2024

If April is the cruelest month, then January is perhaps the artsiest. Bursting with hefty, beefy art festivals like the Night to Light 2024 and the Singapore Art Week 2024, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the suite of programme offerings. That’s why we’ve picked out the 5 best Art Week (and Art Week-adjacent) events for you to check out! Time to lace up those Doc Marten boots, whip out a beloved tote bag from a niche brand, and get your art on. 

Image from: *SCAPE

Music Day Out 2024

When: 13 & 14 Jan 2024

Where: *SCAPE

What: A showcase of Singapore’s best and brightest local indie bands.

You can’t separate DIY from indie music (dare we say Do-Indie-Yourself?). Hear from local indie musicians and promoters on what it’s like to plan a tour, organize indie shows, and catch some bands in action. Bands we like (and you should check out): FUSE, Blush, Naedr, and Approaching Aphelion. Get your tix!

Image from: Exit Stage Left

Exit Stage Left

Where: 85 Desker Road

When: Until 31 Jan 2024

What: An immersive 60s bar experience by OH! Open House. 

The bar, Exit Stage Left, is an extension to their ongoing audio immersive programme, Stories: New World’s End, which tells the story of Singapore in the Swinging 60s, with her cabaret clubs and defunct amusement parks. Savor tipples crafted with locally distilled spirits and ingredients, and even pair them with kacang puteh served from a cart. DM them to book a slot!

Image from: Marc Nair

Thanks for Holding

Where: The Arts House

When: 19 & 20 Jan 2024

What: A participatory theater performance as part of Textures 2024, a festival celebrating SingLit.

Fusing dance, music, and theater, the performance explores the very relatable, unknowable feelings of being left on hold whenever you call a helpline. See how your choices affect the performance – buy your tickets before they’re sold out!

Image from: National Gallery Singapore

Dungeons and Dragons: The Art Quest 

Where: National Gallery Singapore

When: 20 Jan to 4 Feb 2024

What: A Dungeons and Dragons adventure in the Gallery as part of Light to Night 2024.

Spend your night at the museum, Dungeons and Dragons style. You’ll see the gallery with new eyes and play as adventurers inspired by art from Raden Saleh and Pratuang Emjaroen. Sign up for your session here!

Image from: Thryft

Second Story: Peace Edition

Where: Peace Centre

When: Until 31 Jan 2024

What: A secondhand thrift store with books, records, and clothes at Peace Centre.

Something old, something new, and something you? You’re bound to find something to take home from Thryft’s six units of secondhand goods at the soon-to-be-demolished Peace Centre. Browse through curated records, womenswear, menswear and books – and give the ones you fancy a second life.

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