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Have your picnic and eat it too: best spots for an outdoorsy meal in Singapore

Not a nature-oriented person? Bad news – these days, with the on-again, off-again COVID-19 restrictions, you never know when the only way you can have your meals out of the house is by having a picnic. Take out your baskets and gingham mats, order some takeaway, and Gojek to these picturesque spots:

Image from: TripAdvisor – wesleywaisiu

Jurong Hill Park

This park is home to two attractions: the spiral, Insta-friendly lookout tower as well as a Garden of Fame, where important foreign politicians were once invited to plant 30 trees. Because this one is so far away, couples looking for a little peace will get all the quiet they need.

Image from: TripAdvisor – Hueysquared

Hort Park

Ideal for visitors with a green thumb, this park has themed gardens, a bee-themed trail, and the HortLawn to set up shop on. If you’re looking to burn off your lunch, the nearby Southern Ridges also makes for a good hike.

Image from: Wikipedia

Kranji Reservoir Park

If you miss Johor, Kranji Reservoir Park is not going to get you there, but you can see the straits from here. This park has lots of trees too, so you’re likely to be well-sheltered from the Singapore heat.

Image from: Public Utilities Board

Marina Barrage

This one’s a classic for a reason. Bring a kite to take advantage of the winds, or lie down and soak in all the good vibes – the open air is perfect for unwinding.

Image from: Sentosa

Sentosa’s beaches

The way to Sentosa is filled with great food choices, so you can order from nearby food outlets before settling under the sun. From there, take your pick: Palawan’s great for bragging (you can tell people you’ve been to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia); Tanjong is chill and hip; and Siloso has the most water-sport activities.

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