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Healthy meal plans to tide you through this mini lockdown

We’ve got just a little less than 2 weeks to go until we’re out and about with friends again (fingers crossed). In the meantime, take a Gojek home, fire up your laptops, and order in from these delicious meal makers.

Image from: Nutrify Meals

Nutrify Meals

Order your ingredients for meal prepping in bulk (that means no prepping for you), build fully-customizable meals with the help of a macro calculator, or simply order one of Nutrify’s convenient set meals. In short, if you’re looking to eat right, Nutrify does all the work for you.

Image from: Nutrition Kitchen

Nutrition Kitchen

Great for people who want professionally cooked, extra-fresh portions delivered daily. Nutrition Kitchen’s menu is also one of the most diverse ones we’ve seen, with dishes from all over the world. That’s pan-seared salmon for lunch, satay for dinner, and deliciousness at all times.

Image from: AMGD


AMGD, which stands for Ahmagawd!, operates on a pay-per-use meal credit system. Buy a pass, use it within the set number of days, and dig in. What we love about AMGD is its extensive menu, which features everything from poke bowls to keto-friendly bento sets.

Image from: FITTHREE


For the extra-active folks with plant-based diets, FITTHREE’s a great choice – order vegetarian meals that don’t compromise on quality and taste just because it’s all green. And folks doing F45 workouts, you can also get food designed with your 8-week challenges in mind.

Image from: Urban Tiller

Bonus: Urban Tiller

Here’s one for the home chefs! Vegetables from Urban Tiller are locally grown, sustainably delivered, and very, very fresh – it goes from farm to table in as little as 6 hours. There’s also a DIY subscription box to cater to all your weekly fibrous needs.

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