Bone-chilling podcasts: what to listen to for a good horror fix
Bone-chilling podcasts: what to listen to for a good horror fix
23 Feb 2024

If you’re one of those people who love being scared simply for fun, here’s the list for you. Plug your earphones in and listen anytime it feels right to be spooked out. We do not recommend doing this before bed, but… you do you.

Rotten Mango 

Online personality Stephanie Soo hosts this crime/horror podcast with her mysterious partner. The episodes explore creepy things that have happened on this earth – be prepared to dive into the minds of many violent killers.

Welcome to Night Vale 

Tune into a surrealist radio show set in a fictional town where things happen. There are glow clouds, a dog park that can never be acknowledged, and your radio DJ falls in love with a scientist with luscious hair. This one is less scary than it is strange, but it is wonderful all together.

The NoSleep Podcast

What started as a subreddit has since turned into a podcast, where the top stories have been produced into audiobooks. They’re all creepy, and as the name suggests – you will get no sleep. The good news is that they’re fictional, and that’s what you should tell yourself if you’re having trouble closing your eyes.

Archive 81

Like Paranormal Activity, but made in audio form. You listen in to tapes made by a missing archivist named Dan, who in turn had been listening to interviews of residents of a building in Manhattan in the 90s, conducted by someone named Melody Pandras. If you prefer your stories told in visual format, Archive 81 has also been adapted into a show on Netflix.

Supernatural Confessions

Unexplainable happenings from real people are retold in this Supernatural Confessions podcast hosted by the familiar voice of Tim Oh. Yes, it’s local and very close to home, and oh-so-plausible.

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