How to have a spectacular time: a Christmas guide by Gojek
How to have a spectacular time: a Christmas guide by Gojek
07 Dec 2021

Whether you love Christmas or you find it too commercialized and corny, we say it’s time to let that resting Grinch face… well, rest – you deserve some fun, and we’re here to get you to all the fun. Here’s our list of the best tinsel-topped happenings in town.

Hint: if you’re on leave at the end of the year, use promo code “925” for 5x50% off weekday rides (9AM–5PM) to these places!

For a good laugh: A Magical Christmas Comedy Show

6 comedians from 5 countries, 4 continents, gather in an un-snowy Singapore for a Christmas Comedy show. There will also be some magic. Get your tickets quick – some nights are already sold out.

For a cool breeze: Snow City’s Ice Hotel Gallery

Speaking of snow, step into this frozen wonderland created by ice sculptor Jeffrey Ng (Elsa, who?). The space includes a bar, hotel room, dining space, and throne – all made of ice, of course.

For gift-shopping: Christmas Market at Capitol Kempinski

Rushing for your secret Santa parties/family gatherings? Drop by the Capitol before 26 December to get presents from local artisans and brands. The catalog is also available to shop from online.

For the ‘Gram: Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay

No Christmas in Singapore is complete without a visit to this light-filled yearly wonder. This year’s offerings include a beautiful, double-storied carousel done up by craftsmen from Europe.

Bonus: fly out of Singapore

Take advantage of the VTLs and get out of the country for a breather – so the next time you Gojek to the airport, it isn’t just for a meal at Jewel.

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