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Gojek recommends: organizing for a new year, new you

It’s only the second week of 2021 – if you find yourselves already steering away from your laundry lists of resolutions, don’t worry: with Gojek, #ThereIsAlwaysAWay. Here’s a list of tried-and-tested tools to help get your life in check, and whether or not you’re ordering them online or buying them in store, Gojek is here to get you there.

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Get a planner

Plans change. Life is unpredictable. A planner doesn’t have to dictate your life, but it works as a reminder for whatever you need to accomplish. Whether it is digital or print, make sure your planner is also easily portable. 

Recommended planners:

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Find a home for everything

Don’t get us wrong. We’re firm believers of organized mess – the key word being organized. You don’t have to know where things are exactly, but it helps to know where they generally reside.

Recommended tools:

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And rehome everything

As annoyingly repetitive (and preachy) as her catchphrases get, Marie Kondo is sometimes right. A basic rule of thumb: let go of what you haven’t seen, used, or touched in a year, and donate them.

Recommended shops:

Value Dollar for very wallet-friendly trash bags and cleaning supplies (snacks too, while you’re at it)

Declutter. Your. Desktop!!! 

Your computer can benefit from a deep cleaning of the desktop and/or downloads folder. Nothing says “breathing space” like a visible wallpaper.

Recommended apps:


Hey, that’s okay! Start small: break your tasks into doable, mini tasks. Organizing can be as simple as putting things back where they came from – the key is to build sustainable habits. Good luck and Gojek on!

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