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The Gojek guide to: upcoming theater shows

It’s play time, baby! Who says the theater’s only for Fancy Shmancy Culture Vultures? From contemporary plays for the social media age, to musical remakes of our fave fairy tales, there’s something for everyone. See our guide to upcoming local theater shows and have your pick of the lot. And when it’s time for the curtain call, exit right and enter a Gojek – we’ll take you home.

Image from: Singapore Repertory Theatre

For those seeking a spook: 2:22 A Ghost Story

Where: KC Arts Centre –Home of SRT

When: Until 3 September 2023

A couple moves into their new home. Jenny is haunted by ghostly events happening every night at 2:22AM, but her husband Sam, who has been away, hardly believes her. While having friends over for dinner, they decide to stay up until 2:22AM, but a shattering discovery awaits them... Boo(k) your tickets here.

Image from: WILD RICE Singapore

For the chronically online: G*d Is A Woman

Where: Wild Rice @ Funan

When: 8–23 September 2023

A group of artists start an ironic petition to cancel Ariana Grande, and things grow out of proportion when the petition is taken seriously. Don’t miss this devastatingly witty take on cancel culture – buy tix before you’re hashtag: cancelled.

Image from: Sing’theatre

For fans of musicals: Cabaret

Where: Drama Centre Theatre

When: 5 October–15 October 2023

Musical lovers can’t miss the iconic, rompy, and rowdy musical, Cabaret! Boasting an 8-piece live band and flashy costumes, you’ll be transported to the Jazz Age in Berlin. Get seats to the show here.

Image from: Checkpoint Theatre

For Dungeons & Dragons players: Session Zero

Where: Drama Centre Black Box

When: 19–29 October 2023

If you’ve played Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll recognize the structures and tropes playwright Jo Tan employs in this tender, complex play about an estranged couple reconnecting with each other. It’s not so much dragons, but it's every bit of fantasy Dragon and Dungeons players know and love.

Image from: Pangdemonium

For the whole fam: Into The Woods

Where: Singtel Waterfront Theatre @ Esplanade

When: 27 October–12 November 2023

Take your tot to the theater! They’ll recognize their fave fairytale villains and heroes in the musical mash-up, Into The Woods. Can Little Red Riding Hood and her pals reverse the tyranny caused by the Big Bad Wolf and gang? Get tix here.

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