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The Gojek guide to: fitness classes (that don’t feel like exercise)

Sometimes working out can feel like a chore. If you’re looking to switch up your gym routine, we’ve got a list of unique fitness classes that’ll make you forget that you’re even exercising. 

What’s better than doing exercise that barely feels like exercise? Doing it with your friends. Get sweaty with your workout buddy, pilates partner, or your exercise-averse pals. And Gojek there, of course!

Image from: Puppy Yoga Singapore

For dog lovers: Puppy Yoga

It sounds chaotic, but it kinda works! Expect lots of cuddling, pats, and endorphins from stretching and being in the company of furry friends. No pup? No prob. Participants are encouraged to bring their dogs, so even if you are dog-free, you’ll still get to ruff it out on the mats and benefit from the mood-lifting environment. Do a downward dog and really mean it. Sign up here

Image from: SaberFit Singapore

For Star Wars fanatics: SaberFit

A not-so-long time ago, in a gym not too far away… you can join SaberFit, Singapore’s first and only saber fitness program. Assemble your fellow Star Wars fanatics and sweat it out with your saber, with a mix of “cardio, calisthenics, and conditioning routines”. Private or corporate classes are available for booking. Sign up here!

Image from: The Ripple Club

For those who wanna stay cool: AquaSpin

Can’t stand getting sweaty and sticky? Give AquaSpin a go. Choose from biking, boxing, or circuit training classes while being in the pool the whole time. The water resistance will make it a little tougher, but at least you’ll stay cool throughout your workout – classes are available here!

Image from: Ascend Fitness

For gamers: Exergame4D

As NewJeans once famously declared in their song, New Jeans, “make it feel like a game.” Welcome to the gamification of exercise that combines motion-sensing tech and projection mapping. Hailing from Korea, Exergame4D appeals to the part of your brain that thrives on unlocking achievements and leveling up. It’s Physical 100 meets Spy Kids. Deets here!

Image from: Fitness First Singapore

For those seeking a beat: Drumstick Workout

Workouts go by quicker when you’re sweating it out to music. If Zumba’s not quite your thing, try a Drumstick Workout! Get a full-body workout that combines cardio and strength training while rocking out to absolute bops. Lose yourself (and sweat) to the rhythm. Sign up for classes here!

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