Where will your child go? We’ll let you know!
Where will your child go? We’ll let you know!
23 Feb 2024

Ding dong – it’s two weeks to the March school holidays! Take the children out for a much-needed break away from the daily humdrum of schooling. In this list, we bring you all the places we can take your family to for some fun in the sun. Let’s Gojek!

Image from: Toh Bee Suan / ALMOSTASTHMA

Snap some pics in town

Tik the Toks and Gram all the Outfits with the fam in front of this super cute mural of whimsical animals by local artist ALMOSTASTHMA the next time you’re in town – and make sure to do it before July, when the physical space will be closed for renovation and redevelopment.

Image from: Changi Airport

Walk the (Jurassic) mile

Idyllic parks and beaches not doing it for your fam? This Jurassic Mile is a 2KM stretch that features life-sized dinosaurs, which is perfect for your future paleontologists.

Image from: Sentosa

Escape Fort Siloso (virtually)

We know Sentosa’s a little bit difficult to get to, but this virtual escape game is great for exploring the entirety of Fort Siloso without leaving your home. There are prizes to win too, including Sentosa Fun Pass tokens for when you’re there the next time.

Image from: Gallop Stable

Sign up for horse-riding classes

Still ardently harboring dreams of being in a Jane Austen novel? Sign the whole family up for horse-riding classes so everyone can be a little more fancy. Pony play dates for the kiddos go at $75 and include feeding and photo-taking opportunities.


Send your children to tuition classes

Alright. No animals, no fresh air, no playing – just desks. We don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun *ahem*, but if your child needs a refresher course before school starts again, now’s the time to sign them up for an intensive workshop, readily available in tuition centers islandwide. 

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