Local brands by women, for women: a guide by Gojek
Local brands by women, for women: a guide by Gojek
23 Feb 2024

Welcome to our month-long celebration of International Women’s Day! If you need to absolutely shop and partake in a little bit of consumerism to #TreatYoSelf this month, why not shop at the following list of brands? Buying something from these businesses means you get sumn’ for yourself, while supporting women entrepreneurs on this little red dot. 

Without further ado: your shopping list, as curated by the Gojek team.

Image from: Joey Ngian, Gojek

For a more sustainable life:  The Clean Attempt  (TCA)

TCA is the perfect place to kick start your own journey into a life with less waste. It’s got everything from your bare necessities – straws, utensils, and more – to handmade beauty products made with sustainably-sourced ingredients. Psst... we’ve also recently had a chat with TCA’s founder, Jacqueline! Click here to read more.

Image from: Ying the Label

For clothes for all occasions:  Ying the Label

This local label is in many ways, a form of self-expression for her founder, Ying. The up-and-coming designer started her career in banking, but loved painting and creating too much to be away for too long. Her creations boast dreamy motifs, structured origami shapes, and lots of textures – and her clientele includes politicians and officials alike.

Image from: Sigi Skin

For fuss-free skincare:  Sigi Skin

What started as an obsession with make-up products for 25-year-old Xenia Wong soon became realization: that the first step to a good look was good skin. The skin care range is perfectly minimalist and convenient, with 4 hardworking products made from superfood ingredients that do all the work for you. It’s quality over quantity, always.


For quirky home decor:  WHENIWASFOUR

Founded by Li Ling and her two friends, WHENIWASFOUR celebrates the seemingly mundane things we’ve grown up with. You never knew you wanted jotter-book-inspired cushion covers, tote bags that look like beverage carriers, and the like, but if you do, here’s the place to go.

Image from: Lovelystrokes

For intricate, handmade accessories:  Lovelystrokes

Chloe Chew’s brainchild, Lovelystrokes, is the result of translating architectural patterns and sights into wearable accessories. What you get are unique pieces that look like embroidered fabric, terrazzo tiles, and even mid-century-inspired starburst motifs.

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