Singapore’s speakeasies: the Gojek guide to hidden bars
Singapore’s speakeasies: the Gojek guide to hidden bars
23 Feb 2024

What’s more fun than a night out with friends? A night out somewhere hidden, like a reverse escape room without the need for brain work. This Gojek guide will take you to Singapore’s best speakeasies – bars with secret entrances, which will make your drinking experience all the more fun. Let’s Gojek!

Image from: Mama Diam

Mama Diam

Where: 38 Prinsep Street

What it looks like: A mama shop / neighborhood convenience store, complete with nostalgic after-school snacks and other knick knacks.

What it actually sells: Local food and locally-inspired drinks, like Milo Dinosaur shots.

Image from: Employees Only

Employees Only

Where: 112 Amoy Street

What it looks like: A fortune teller shop straight from the movies, mysterious glowing neon sign included.

What it actually sells: Award-winning cocktails and unpretentious grub. Psst… you can actually get your fortune read from selected clairvoyants inside on certain nights, so the psychic outer decor is not just for show.

Image from: The Dragon Chamber

The Dragon Chamber

Where: 2 Circular Road

What it looks like: A nondescript fridge in a noodle shop

What it actually sells: Chinese cuisine, with a smattering of fusion drinks.

Image from: Roxy


Where: The Sail @ Marina Bay

What it looks like: A room to nowhere behind Miss Fitz Kitchen and Bar

What it actually sells: Rock-n-roll inspired drinks, in an aptly decorated 70s New York room.

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