Your spooky movie (and more) guide for Halloween 2021
Your spooky movie (and more) guide for Halloween 2021
23 Feb 2024

Spooky season calls for horror movies. And what better way to get started than with this list? Call a Gojek home (or to the cinema), fire up your streaming platform of choice, take your pick, turn the lights off, and say your prayers.

Let the Right One In

Equal parts scary and soft, this movie about young people is not at all fit for the kids. Oskar, who is shy, lonely, and always bullied, meets Eli, his neighbor, who is just as alone. One of them is not what they seem, but it’s a friendship that works. Our tip: make it an event! Buy tickets for a screening of Let the Right One In at The Projector and come dressed – best costumes for their Halloweenie weekend will win a $40 gift card!

Malam Satu Suro 

Suzzanna, Indonesia’s “eternal queen of horror”, appears in this film from the 80s as Suketi, a sundel bolong (that’s like a pontianak, except with a gaping hole in her back where her baby came out from, so you see all the gory insides). She returns to life, marries, and goes on to have a happy-ever-after, but not for long. It’s the stuff of your parents’ nightmares, except it is also a love story that will make you weep – or laugh because of the vintage, corny after effects.

The Platform

Residents live in a vertical jail tower where a table of food travels down across 200 floors. There are no refills. We won’t get too much into it – all you need to know is that there is no supernatural stuff. The Platform horrifies only with a not-so-fictional premise that acts as a not-so-subtle metaphor for capitalism.

Midnight Mass

Not a movie, but still well-worth watching. From the creator of The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor comes another horror miniseries. Rather, a man with a haunted past returns to his hometown, where a new priest has also just arrived. Mysterious events ensue.

For the kids: Coraline

Coraline moves into a new house where she discovers a better universe behind her walls. But the grass isn’t all that greener on the other side, of course. Warning: while this has been marketed as a children’s movie, it is eerie – many adults remember being spooked by this film even more than a decade after watching it.

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