5 must-watch spooky movies: a Halloween guide by Gojek
5 must-watch spooky movies: a Halloween guide by Gojek
23 Feb 2024

Welcome back to (arguably) the most fun of seasons: Halloween season! This week, instead of bringing you out to the best that Singapore has to offer, we propose staying in with your loved ones, ordering pumpkin spice lattes, and putting on these seriously spooky films. We’ll take you home safe and in time for Netflix, of course.

In Fabric

This British horror film is everything your mom warned you will happen if you don’t stop buying vintage clothes of unknown origins. Follow a haunted dress that ends up being its own character. This film is less scary than it is weird, but it is also mind-blowingly stunning and sensual; the visuals are very much what you’d expect from indie production company A24.

Extra Ordinary 

Extra Ordinary follows Rose, a driving instructor with not-so-ordinary supernatural abilities inherited from a celebrity father. Most days, Rose deals with exorcizing ordinary things like haunted trash cans, but one day she has to help a widowed father and his teenage daughter. Shenanigans will ensue. You will laugh. Oh, and for extra convenience, you can also gain access to this film online via Projector Plus.

The Final Girls

The term ‘final girl’ refers to a classic horror trope that sees the last, surviving female protagonist confront the killer – it’s a tale as old as time. In The Final Girls, Max mourns for her deceased mother, who was once a famous slash film actress in the 80s, and inevitably gets caught in the same world with fellow stereotypical cast members. Very meta, very entertaining, and so funny.


Ethan Hawke plays a mystery writer who moves into a house with a mysterious past. His wife starts getting angry, things start getting cursed, his children start acting out. We want to say things will get better in the end, but you have to know that Sinister is scientifically ranked as the scariest movie yet – so brace yourselves.


Now for the kiddos, dog lovers, and the weak-at-heart: Scoob! has all the ghosts and fun shenanigans, but this 2020 film also lets us in on how our beloved dog met his best friend Shaggy. A good, clean palate cleanser for when it’s necessary.

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