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Gojek’s very official spooky movie guide for 2022

It’s the season for white-sheet ghosts, $2.15 pumpkin decorations, and – depending on who you are – countless spooky-themed parties. For those looking for a quieter night, whip your phones out: it’s time to Gojek to your local cinema (or home) to watch these horror titles. 

Ratu Ilmu Hitam (The Queen of Black Magic)

Revenge is a dish best served cursed. This campy classic sees Indonesia’s horror queen Suzzanna learn black magic in order to wreak vengeance – people whose former lovers have wronged them, take notes.


A movie set in arguably the most horrific of places: the suburb. Steve, Diane, and their children start experiencing peculiar things at home, like a glass of milk breaking, dolls moving, and limbs extending from the TV.


Two horse-owning siblings chase after a UFO after their father’s death, Nearby, a theme park owner tries to cash in on the strange phenomena. As with all good spooky sci-fi, this one tells the tale of true horror: humans and their cruel need for spectacle.

The Witches

If you’re looking for something more kid-friendly, this reimagined Roald Dahl favorite is cute, creepy – but most times campy. A boy and his grandmother go to stay in a fancy hotel, where children-hating witches are gathering for a convention.

Bonus: drivers’ spooky stories

Attention: we’ve got a podcast! Hear very real ghost stories from Gojek drivers who've seen it all.

Extra bonus: a halloween playlist by Gojek

Get in the mood on the way to your Halloween date with our curated playlist of spooky tunes.

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