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Gojek recommends: pre-travel must-dos

Revenge travelling? Making your way back into an airplane? Doing the most eating, praying, and loving in an exotic foreign land? Keep in mind these Highly Important Things you must do before you make your way to the airport. 

Print your documents

Have physical print-outs of tickets, hotel bookings, visa approvals, and photocopies of your passport/IDs just in case. Don’t forget the passport itself, of course.

Get the money ready

Bring a multi-currency card like Revolut – or a credit card of choice, on top of cash. You’ll need both types of payment methods to get around fancy shops/street stalls.

Find a place for everything

Travel cubes, compression packs, medicine boxes for tiny accessories – make sure to organize everything where you’ll remember them. Hint: read our guide on what to buy for packing.

Build a playlist

Every city has its own vibe. Every airplane ride can do with an anti-anxiety playlist of your favorite relaxing tunes. Build your own on Spotify, download to make the songs available offline, and charge your earphones.

Get there with Gojek

The most important hack of all – use promo code GOAIRPORT for $5 off your ride to T1, T2, T3 or Jewel at Changi Airport!

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