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Gojek recommends: Christmas movies for the holidays

Nothing like a good ol’ dose of holiday movies to melt even the frostiest of hearts. Put on your coziest Xmas sweaters and get comfy – it’s time to embrace the festive cheese. Gojek there – or Gojek home (and make sure to plan well this season of heavy traffic)!

Falling for Christmas

Of course we included a Netflix Christmas romcom. Classic enemies-to-lovers trope? Check. Rich heiress with amnesia meets a dashing small business cabin widower and learns the true spirit of giving? Check and check. Lindsay Lohan’s film comeback? Now that’s the real Christmas miracle.

Tokyo Godfathers

Here’s one for the Letterboxd users. From director Satoshi Kon, the tragicomedy follows the night a group of misfits find an abandoned baby on Christmas Eve – and are determined to reunite the baby with her family. Shenanigans ensue in this charming tale about found family. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Specifically for people looking for goth representation at Christmas, or if you’re perpetually in a Halloween mood. Or for anyone who’s a fan of stop-motion musicals. Very niche, but also very entertaining. Catch a free screening at the ArtScience Museum!

Love Actually 

Who can forget the classic Christmas movie. We know we’ve said it once in our 2019 xmas movie guide, but we’ll say it again: Christmas isn’t Christmas without a dancing Hugh Grant. Elevate your experience by watching it at The Projector. Gojek there!

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