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The Gojek guide to: role-playing games to get into

There’s never a best time to lose yourself in a new hobby or obsession than the June holidays. Whether you’re a student waiting for a new semester, a parent looking for a new activity with your kids, or simply a jaded, tired soul facing workplace battles, may we suggest a role-playing game to lose yourself in?

In this blog, we get into some of the most popular RPGs Singapore has to offer. Ditch your computers, travel to these places with a Gojek, and get ready to enter some strange, exciting new worlds.

Image from: GuildHall

Dungeons & Dragons

Navigate quests and adventures as a paladin, warlock, or even a charming, goofy bard, like the one Chris Pine plays in the Dungeons and Dragons movie this year. Typically, a dungeon master will guide you through the world of your choosing, and you get to do literally whatever you want – all that determines how well you do it is a dice throw.

Where to play:

Guild Hall @ Peninsula Shopping Center

TableMinis @ 10 Arumugam Road

Image from: Warhammer

Warhammer 40000

Like D&D, but set in a specific dystopian sci-fi future full of grit, some 40,000 years from now. That means no fancy Star Trek phasers and replicators: all you will have are missions in between wars with aliens and supernatural beings. 

Where to play:

Warhammer @ Red House, 63 East Coast Road

HammerHouse @ 24B Temple Street

Image from: Xpidemix

Star Wars: Legion

Play as an army commander in the Galactic Civil War and lead your troops to victory. You get to choose between fighting for the Empire, or for the Rebel Alliance. 

Where to play:

Xpidemix @ 63 East Coast Road

Image from: Grey Ogre Games

Magic: The Gathering

You play a planeswalker – i.e. a wizard travelling through different realms –, and your goal is to battle with other planeswalkers with the use of cards drawn from a deck. These cards allow you to do anything from summoning creatures to cursing your opponent. You’re free to build the deck with cards of your choosing. 

Where to play:

Grey Ogre Games @ 83 Club Street

Games Haven @ multiple locations

Hint: there are many, many shops in Singapore specializing in different tabletop role-playing games and can help you get started – these are just some of them. We encourage you to find one that fits you best! 

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