Bottoms up: 5 fun CBD bars to visit on Fridays!
Bottoms up: 5 fun CBD bars to visit on Fridays!
23 Feb 2024

As the saying goes – liquor definitely doesn’t solve all your problems, but it’s worth a shot. For when the week just requires winding down and you’re ready for it to end: here’s a list of our fave drinkeries. And as always, Gojek’s here to take you home after all the booze.

Image from: Jigger & Pony

Jigger & Pony

Jigger & Pony prides itself on serving classic cocktails with an Asian twist, and while the menu’s absolutely delightful, we’d argue that the true highlight is in the decor. The wooden beams, velvet seats, and amber tones will make you feel like you’re in the later seasons of Mad Men – Don Draper wishes he could be that stylish.

Image from: Junior the Pocket Bar

Junior the Pocket Bar

The Ann Siang Hill area is packed with great bars, but this one’s gotta be one of the coolest. This 25-seater shares its space with Maxi Coffee Bar, and boasts a rotating menu of tasty drinks (with some evergreen options that are just as wonderful). Great for cozying up with a lover.

Image from: Persea


Also another gem in Ann Siang Hill, Persea’s great for socializing without the extra calorie count. Health-conscious folks can indulge in Persea’s cocktails, which are all “keto-friendly with 0g nett carbs” – so think sweet-smelling brews with sweet-smelling blooms (like chrysanthemum).

Image from: OverEasy


Nothing quite screams fun like good ‘ol Americana, and this classic diner’s got all the best bits. Good grub, messy burgers, and dirty milkshakes – yes, that’s milkshakes with alcohol. The best part? It’s by the river, so you get a stunning view to wind down your week to!

Image from: The Exchange

The Exchange

A mainstay of the CBD drinking culture, this watering hole is not one for fancy entertaining and/or manners. What you get instead is a reliable place that’s served overworked workers for years and continues to do so. Expect no-frills beer, great happy hour discounts, and unpretentious food that’ll certainly help absorb the alcohol, in case you go a little bit over.

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