Best Father’s Day gifts: what to get for the #1 dad
Best Father’s Day gifts: what to get for the #1 dad
23 Feb 2024

Still stalling on a Father’s Day gift? Running out of ideas? If online delivery doesn’t cut it, there’s always good ol’ physical shopping that you can get to quicker, in a Gojek. Here’s our list of gift recommendations that might prove helpful.

Image from: Bynd Artisan

Make it personal:  Bynd Artisan leather stationery

Where to buy: multiple locations

Grocery lists, TV show recommendations, email passwords… for the dads who need to write everything down in their handy dandy notebook. Bynd Artisan allows for a personal touch – add your dad’s initials on the cover and maybe pen a note to tell them how much they mean to you.  

Image from: Tempur pedic

For better snoozing: a Tempur pedic pillow

Where to buy: multiple locations

A good night’s sleep is the best gift you could give anyone. A good pillow is a close second. For all the dads with a constant crick in their necks and sleep issues, the right pillow might just fix it all. Neck pain be gone! 

Image from: Bewilder

For the nature enthusiasts: mushroom cultivation workshop by Bewilder 

Where: 1003 Bukit Merah Central

There’s a fungi pun somewhere here. We’ll spare you – but book yourself and your dad a spot at Bewilder’s mushroom cultivation workshop for a unique, mycological adventure right in the Singapore city-state.

Image from: Decathlon

Literally anything from Decathlon

Where to buy: multiple locations

The unofficial number one go-to spot for all dads. Foldable camping chairs for outdoorsy dads, foam rollers for dads in a knot, even biking gear for dads who bike… there’s something for every dad in Decathlon. You’ll be sure to score a touchdown this Father’s Day and impress. 

Psst… heading to the mall to get your gift? Use promo code “GOTOMALLS” to get there at $3 less! 

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