3 uses for DBS PayLah! you’ll need to live your best life
3 uses for DBS PayLah! you’ll need to live your best life
23 Feb 2024

Did you know? There’s lots more to DBS PayLah! than splitting bills with friends, although that feature itself has helped us save hours in trips to the ATM. In fact, this little nifty app packs a punch – from booking a ride with Gojek to paying your taxes, here are other things you can achieve with DBS PayLah!

Yes! In case you’ve missed it – you can book a Gojek ride through DBS PayLah! app. Easy peasy.You’ll also automatically get a $2 cashback for your ride paid with DBS PayLah! until 31 December 2020* as part of our 2-year anniversary celebrations. No promo codes necessary*! 

Note: all cashback promotions have been fully redeemed as of 10 December – thank you for your support!

Truly one of the most versatile payments apps we’ve ever laid eyes on, DBS PayLah! makes it convenient for you to embrace #adulting because it lets you pay for everything.  We mean everything – utilities, insurance premiums, housing loans, telco bills, taxes, S&CCs, and even membership fees to country clubs. 

Chances are you’ll already know of this feature if you have a DBS PayLah!, but the app lets you send in virtual money as cute eGifts. Perfect for upcoming virtual Chinese New Year in 2021, or the many Zoom weddings you’re likely to attend through these times. 

*This post is part of our partnership with DBS PayLah! 

Cashback is limited to the first 2,500 users. 

For a full list of T&Cs, click here.

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