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Circuit breaking 101: staying sane & stress-free

We’re all in this together: the whole of Singapore circuit breaking, that is. Step right in – this week, the Gojek team lets you in on the best tips and tricks to ensuring your four walls don’t overwhelm you, and more importantly, making sure you’re safe even when you’re out and about for necessities.

Order in/take-away

Have a zi-char restaurant down the road you really love? Use food delivery services to get your fix and support your favorite food businesses while ensuring you still keep a safe distance from them. Otherwise, drop by for a quick take-away, and bring your own containers (it’s still important to be as green we can be).

Go for walks

Your doggos, parents, lovers, kids, and even you can benefit from some fresh air. The best way to go about doing this is to come out during quieter hours, or literally just take the roads less traveled! Tip: this website lets you know how crowded your closest park is at the moment.

Have family game/movie nights 

Dust off those board games and get to playing instead! This takes the edge off staying together for too long. Just don’t pick anything too competitive and adrenaline-inducing like Monopoly. Alternatively, make use of that Netflix subscription, microwave some popcorn, and have a movie night instead.

Embrace technology

One thing that’s well worth hoarding this period are the apps. Houseparty lets you play games with friends as you video call them. ZoomGoogle Hangouts, and Skype are great for keeping yourself in the loop with other colleagues, and there’s always bite-sized videos on TikTok to watch in between meetings.

Psst... if you need a break from the information overload, print out these activity sheets by artist/author Adam J. Kurtz to do offline instead!

Still heading out?

Need to do a quick grocery run for the next week or two? Here’s some tips for staying safe while still in public: 

  • Keep at least a meter away from others when in queues
  • Come out equipped with hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, and masks (especially if you’re unwell)
  • Taking a Gojek? Our driver-partners log on their temperature regularly and are encouraged to clean high human-contact points within the car. If you need some fresh air, you may request for your windows to be wound down! 

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