CNY tips: 5 shops for sprucing up your space
CNY tips: 5 shops for sprucing up your space
23 Feb 2024

So you’ve done the spring cleaning, you’ve kept your Christmas tinsels in storage boxes. What’s next, you ask? Getting your abode ready for Chinese New Year visiting, of course! Without further ado: 5 shops you’ll need to add a little magic to your home. From furniture viewings to self-collecting homeware, Gojek is here to get you there.

Images from: the CHÂTEAU DEPT.


Best for: modernist, leather-bound desk chairs

Looking to prettify your home office this CNY? If you’re a fan of anything that comes out of Herman Miller’s catalog, these ones are just as good and are only a fraction of the price. Slide into their DMs to book a viewing!

Images from: The Reject Shop

The Reject Shop

Best for: budget-friendly, functional pieces

Don’t let the name fool you – this reject shop stocks up on some seriously chic pieces with very minor cosmetic defects, including this rattan chair that’s 60% off its original price. Great for achieving that tropical Balinese look (without having to gentrify the island at all). Bonus points for eco-friendliness!

Images from: Kampong Flowers

Kampong Flowers

Best for: fresh blooms

Kampong Flowers specializes in luxury and scented flowers, all of which are ethically-grown. What better way to usher in the Lunar New Year – and Valentine’s – with something that looks good and smells just as great? Pre-orders are already open, so all you need to do is choose your blooms.

Images from: open day

open day

Best for: Insta-worthy homeware.

open day has a diverse collection of cups, bowls, and plates that range from subtle kitsch to modern terrazzo and even ones that seem to come straight from an American diner. All super cute and ideal for hosting your CNY guests (just imagine those flatlays)!

Images from: Kids Haven

Kids Haven

Best for: the kiddos.

In case you’re also looking to give your little ones a room makeover, this home for kids furniture will have you covered. From small accessories to full bedroom sets, most items come with free delivery and assembly, so you’re left with ample time to prep for reunions and visits.

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