Befriend your baristas: 5 must-know coffee spots in the CBD
Befriend your baristas: 5 must-know coffee spots in the CBD
20 Apr 2021

Very few things in life are as undeniable as the importance of coffee: it wakes us up, calms us down, and gives us an excuse to get out of the office. That’s why it’s even more necessary in the CBD, which is where we’ll take you today. From soy to skim milk, with or without schmoozing – however you like your coffee, we’ve got your back. And we’ll get you there, as always.

Image from: Maxi Coffee Bar

Maxi Coffee Bar

Where: 6 Ann Siang Hill

The tiny Maxi Coffee Bar has since moved from Club Street into Ann Siang Hill, where it continues to give respite from the busy neighboring streets. Coffee is as reliably wonderful as it has always been – don’t forget to order the iced cereal milk latte if you’re craving for something sweet.

Image from: Omotesando Koffee

Omotesando Koffee

Where: Downtown Gallery

This Tokyo-based chain gets its beans from Melbourne, roasts them in Kyoto, and serves them in Singapore. Basically, there’s a lot of work and precision that go into brewing your cuppa, which means you’ll get coffee that’s so, so delicate. Great for people who need a mild pick-me-up, but add another shot if you like your coffee strong.

Image from: Mad Roaster

Mad Roaster

Where: Amoy Street Food Centre

Coffee-drinking is an expensive habit, which is why we’re ever-so-thankful for this coffee stall in Amoy. Prices start at $2.80, and a portion of the proceeds goes to the refugees who have created art for Mad Roaster’s packaging – it’s a win-win! Don’t forget to get yourself a slice of the buttery, flaky brioche!

Image from: Alchemist


Where: Various locations including International Plaza

Nothing says fuss-free like a coffee from Alchemist. Our favorite is the one in International Plaza, where the monochromatic decor keeps the space clean and puts the focus on the incredibly well-made coffee instead. Pro tip: always go for the Dark Matter blend, especially if you’re ordering white.

Image from: Providore


Where: Various locations including Raffles Place

The café itself isn’t great for hanging out, but the lattés and flat whites are consistently smooth and delightful. We say: get them to go instead, take a seat by the benches and swings facing One Raffles Place, and spend some time out in the sun with a work buddy.

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