Gojek recommends: all you need for a café experience at home
Gojek recommends: all you need for a café experience at home
29 Jun 2020

Retail shopping from home is easy, but recreating the aesthetic and ambience of your favorite space from the good ‘ol days of café hopping is a little bit harder. Fear not – here are shops to get you started on this journey of replicating the warm light #flatlay, good food and drinks included.

Image from: Instagram – @frostinginabox

Eat: Frosting In A Box

We’ve given you reccos for sweet pastries, now how about savory breads? Frosting In A Box does both, of course, but they do a pretty mean pan de flores, which translates to flower bread. It’s basically art that uses carbs as a canvas and vegetables as paint – swoonworthy, indeed.

Image from: Instagram – @sundaysonly.sg

Drink: sundays only

Our bellies are thankful for the home cooks that have rediscovered their talents/family recipes and set up their own businesses through the stay-home period. We love cozying up with our latest fave: sundays only, which sells bottles of chai concentrate that produces fragrant, well-balanced chai lattes that're not too sweet. Also pairs well with its home-made granola and fig jam – no trips to fancy cafés necessary.

Image from: Instagram – @ohleafsg

Shop: Ohleaf

You’ve got the food and drinks. Now, complete the recreation of your fave café #flatlay with tableware from Ohleaf, which sells thoughtfully-made vessels from young product designers and ceramic artists. As with handmade ceramics, no two products are alike – so whatever you get will be unique and oh-so-wonderful.

Image from: Facebook – Pew Pew Patches

BONUS: Pew Pew Patches

This iron-on and sticker patches shop is the right place to inject a little bit of sunshine onto your aprons and kitchen linens. Patches range from Sanrio-meets-Singapore collections (think Gudetama lazing on a Peranakan tile) to witty work-related ones that take the piss at capitalist colloquialisms (co-lazing spaces; a ‘revert’ UNO card) – all in all, lots of fun for lots of surfaces.


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