Gojek recommends: cinematic snacks, cuticle oil, city-dweller accessories, and more
Gojek recommends: cinematic snacks, cuticle oil, city-dweller accessories, and more
23 Feb 2024

This week: a list of local shops for you to order from as you continue to stay at home and avoid the crowds. Although: if you step out for some fresh air – or a weekly bubble tea or two – we won’t judge!

Image from: A.muse Projects

Drink: A.muse Projects

If you and cups of hot leaf juice get oolong, then, well, here’s a fun company that’ll help you make your own ideas and blends come to life: A.muse Projects. Or if you just want to taste some fancy tea, go for their alcohol/wine/coffee-inspired blends instead.

Image from: Intermission Bar

Eat: Intermission Bar

We miss being in cinemas – a lot. Good news is: The Projector’s F&B arm, Intermission Bar, is open for visits again for groups of 5 or smaller. But if you wanna keep it safe, order in their snack packs, craft beers, and hot dogs instead – you’ll find all you need for a stay-in movie night right on their menu. Delivery, dine-in, and takeaways from Wed–Sun on selected hours.

Image from: ChubbyCo

Shop: ChubbyCo

People who have missed the faces of their nail technicians, do them a favor and get your nail beds in order before visiting their salons again. ChubbyCo’s flagship product is a line of cuticle oils that moisturize without leaving a greasy feeling. Best part: you get to customize how it looks and smells.

Image from: Citystate Beads

Shop: Citystate Beads

Citystate Beads is a local brand that focuses on delivering well-made, well-designed bead bracelets that fit your modern, sleek wardrobe – without breaking the bank, of course. Previous customers have nothing but praise for its customer service too, so you know you’re in good hands! 

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