Gojek recommends: what to get for Father’s Day celebration
Gojek recommends: what to get for Father’s Day celebration
23 Feb 2024

This weekend we celebrate the men that have made us who we are – and all the terrible jokes that come with them. Here’s your list of local businesses that will make your Father’s Day celebration at home a total success! 

Image from: Instagram – @iamsakechan


Know nothing about sake but have a dad who’s an expert? Sakechan’s got your back! Browse from a website that helps you whittle down your options based on flavor profiles, or pick one up from their list of recommended bottles for Father’s Day. Either way you go, you’re in safe hands – Sakechan is after all, curated by sommeliers who know what they're doing. Psst: orders that exceed $150 come with free delivery. 

Image from: Instagram – @dsocialoutcast

Eat: The Social Outcast

If your dad has agreed upon having a cheat meal for Father’s Day, who are you to deny that? The Social Outcast has a menu that elevates all the basics to greater heights, like your quintessential beef burger paired with a blue cheese sauce; chimichurri; or even guac. And whatever you do, our content writer (i.e. the person writing this) wants you to know that under no circumstances should you ever skip on the absolutely divine, crispy, lightly-battered tempura fries.

Image from: Instagram – @rabbitislandsg

Shop: Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island is Singapore’s largest succulent importer which also sells a wide variety of household plants, as well as herb/tea seeds – basically all your old man needs to nurture a green thumb, tools and pots included. If your dad is a senior and living his golden years, drop in a note and they’ll help add a special touch to your order!

Image from: Facebook – Klook

Shop: Klook Home-Based Experiences

Most of us can’t travel yet, but that doesn’t mean your old man can’t experience something new from home. Klook is a repository-of-sorts for local experiences: everything from online acting classes you can sign your dad up for; yoga classes to help him relax; or if he’s more old school – even a wine tasting masterclass. Also: DIY kits for you to craft with your dad!

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