Gojek recommends: share your love for these home-grown businesses
Gojek recommends: share your love for these home-grown businesses
23 Feb 2024

Welcome to a whole new series we’d like to call ‘Gojek recommends’! As we continue our adventures in #WorkingFromHome, we’d like to introduce you to some of our fave local businesses we’re obsessed with – go on, show them some love, order from the comfort of your desk, and do your part by chilling at home as you wait for delivery. 

It’s that easy. Psst… we hope you’re doing well! 

Image from: Homeground Coffee Roasters

Drink: Homeground Coffee Roasters

Far beyond simply roasting beans, this Singapore-based roastery also stocks up on all you need to bring your coffee obsession to the next level, with everything from manual grinders to weighing scales for getting those exact measurements just right. Or if you want it easy, all you need to do is order their concentrates, add milk and/or water, and voila.

Image from: Instagram – House of Samosas

Eat: House of Samosas

Traditional samosas don’t come with fillings like cheese and quiche, but these ones do. The butter chicken box comes with butter chicken dip, proving once again that there is no such thing as too much of a good thing. Samosa purists, don’t knock it till you try it – we promise this will be worth every calorie. 

Image from: Instagram – Keepsake Bespoke

Shop: Keepsake Bespoke

If you’re new to the world of indie designers and brands in Singapore, Keepsake Bespoke does the job of picking up unique items from local brand partners and putting them in a gift box for you. Each of these products have been tried and tested too, so you know you and your gift recipients are in good hands, whatever the occasion may be. 

Image from: Sunday Hour

Shop: Sunday Hour

Sunday Hour sells homemade coconut wax candles featuring gorgeous fragrance blends like cashmere and vanilla, oud and rose, and if you’re missing a little bit of that CBD food, coconut and acai. These candles are also phthalate-, paraben-, and cruelty-free. Guilt-free shopping for the home? Yes, please.

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