Gojek recommends: bulk shopping in Singapore
Gojek recommends: bulk shopping in Singapore
23 Feb 2024

From organic foods and pantry staples to bathroom must-haves, this week, the Gojek team brings you to places for grocery shopping up the zero-waste way. Share your ride with a friend or the fam for extra green points. 

Pro tip: don’t forget to bring your own bags!

Image from: Scoop Wholefoods

Scoop Wholefoods

Where: multiple locations

This retail chain brings in mostly organic products from Australia at competitive prices. All you need to do in a Scoop Wholefoods store is scoop, weigh, then pay. Oh, and get some kombucha while you’re at it, or make your own nut butters!

Image from: Vermont Soap Singapore

Vermont Soap Singapore

Where: various retailers

Vermont Soap Singapore sells the all-natural, multi-purpose castile soap. And when we say multi-purpose, we mean multi-purpose – from your body to your hair, or any tile and toilet you can think of. Best of all, there is a house-call, mobile refill service.

Image from: The Social Space

The Social Space

Where: Kreta Ayer, Marina One

The Social Space is home to multiple concepts with good social impact in mind – including a nail salon that employs underprivileged women and of course, a refillery for your soaps, shampoos, and cleaning agents. 

Image from: Facebook – VivoCity

FairPrice Xtra VivoCity

Where: VivoCity

Perfect if you’re already in the area and grocery shopping. Instead of having to choose from many brands and fancy packaging, head up to the floor space dedicated to dry goods you can get by the bulk. While FairPrice isn’t plastic-free, you can still do your part by bringing your own containers.

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