Gojek recommends: back-to-school prep
Gojek recommends: back-to-school prep
23 Feb 2024

School’s in, summer’s out! Buckle up for a new semester with fresh supplies for your dorm room – and a fresh set of stationery to get your study on. Check out Gojek’s back-to-school recommendations to help you get prepped for the new semester!

Image from: Bras Basah Complex

POPULAR | For: stationery & electronic gadgets

The go-to stationery shop for all Singaporeans! Drop by the largest POPULAR outlet  in Singapore in Bras Basah Complex – the 2-storey outlet has everything you’ll need: Books, stationery, and even computer accessories like keyboards.

Images from: MUJI

MUJI | For: stationery & apparel

Looking for aesthetically pleasing yet functional stationery? Head to everyone’s favorite Japanese store, MUJI. You’ll find a plethora of pens, notebooks, and even household essentials to keep your dorm neat and tidy. Need a pair of sneakers for the new school semester? Choose from an assortment of colors and styles – all for an affordable price!

Images from: IKEA

IKEA | For: furniture & household items 

Pick up cheap cushions, chairs, and study tables for less than $60 to spruce up your studying corner. Tip: book a GoCar XL to get the bulky load back to your place!

Images from: Akemi Uchi

Akemi Uchi | For: bathroom & bedroom accessories

Head to Akemi Uchi for  minimalist home decor items like lamps and clocks. Get bed and bath essentials such as towels and bedsheets too for a touch of coziness to your place. Akemi Uchi offers various discounts seasonally, so ask the staff there about their latest promotions!

Image from: Apple

Apple | For: electronic gadgets

Attention all Apple fans. Apple’s discounts for students are back. Save on your much-needed Macbook or iPad, and even get a free pair of AirPods while you’re at it.

Psst, book a GoCar XL for your back to school move-in date!

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