Singapore’s best craft workshops for beginners: a guide by Gojek
Singapore’s best craft workshops for beginners: a guide by Gojek
23 Feb 2024

So you’ve just gotten a very thoughtful, handmade gift from bae for Valentine’s day. Or you’ve just returned from a weekend market featuring pretty things from local artisans. Or you’ve seen the aunties and uncles signing up for hand-sanitizer-making classes in light of COVID-19. Now you’re inspired, and you Just. Want. To. Create.


Step one: don’t be intimidated. 

Step two: get ready to go beyond the Tumblr-inspired calligraphed quote of wisdom – ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ means nothing these days. 

Step three: sign up for any one of these workshops for beginners, and get ready to open your eyes to a whole new world, as curated by your good friends in Gojek. 

Image from: We Told You Sew


For embroidered art: We Told You Sew

Run by three friends – who met playing the clarinet, no less –, this contemporary embroidery group runs thematic workshops that will get you ready to jazz up all your basic shirts and fabrics in no time at all. (Psst: our writer’s personally picked up needle-crafting from the folks behind We Told You Sew, and attests that these folks can, indeed, tell you how to sew.)


Image from: Dawn Q Flowers

For pretty blooms: Dawn Q Flowers

What started as a group of part-time florists has since grown into a brand known for their elegant, timeless bouquets. A lot of thought goes into a seemingly organic, rustic arrangement of flowers – at Dawn Q, you’ll learn how to choose the right colors and textures, and how to layer and match them for something that suits your style.


Image from: Atelier Lodge

For leather accessories: Atelier Lodge

Founded in 2013, this leathercraft trade school is led by professional artisans who have produced goods for their own brand. Basic courses focus on either hand-stitching or hand-crafting, both of which will come with all the materials and tools you’ll need – and you’ll get to go home with your creations too. Also available are intermediate courses, team-building classes, and corporate gift options.


Image from: Sugar & Spice

For bubbles and suds: Sugar & Spice

The Sugar & Spice team conducts everything from Peranakan beading to candle making workshops, but they focus on chemical-free soap and skin care products. Here, you get to learn the basics of creating soap from scratch, as well as designing swirly and 3D art on them. 


Image from: HomeBrew Co-Op

For cold, frothy beer: HomeBrew Co-Op

Finally – something on this list you can consume! Founder Neo Say Wee started brewing his own beer as a hobby, became a professional in 2005, and set up HomeBrew Co-Op with Hsu Chen Kang in 2014. Now, they’re all about having fun with beer, and taking it seriously enough to teach people how to make it in the comfort of home.


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