Coffee with JM: Influencer, father of two, driver-partner
Coffee with JM: Influencer, father of two, driver-partner
23 Feb 2024

The ‘Coffee with’ series sees the Gojek team getting to know their driver-partners over a cup of coffee.

You might recognize him from the viral CNA video shedding light on his journey as a single father for his two boys. Now, the Gojek team sits in with Mohd Nur Azmi – more affectionately known as JM –  to find out what he’s up to!

While the video has made his existence known to the larger Singaporean audience, it turns out that JM has always been an influencer on his own right, with a Facebook page that has over 62,000 likes. 

“I’ve been doing social content for quite some time, since before the CNA interview. I used to drive a truck, and I would make videos while in it – not when moving, of course,” jokes JM, who now uses the platform to share food recommendations with his audience, discuss current events, host auctions, and even do sponsored posts. 

“I love having more than one skill,” says this renaissance man, who has also since started an online show called The Malay Insights. 

In between telling us about making time for his work online and fishing trips, JM speaks fondly of his two sons. 

“The elder one has a life of his own, and I make sure to send my youngest one to school and work when I can,” he says, “but I make sure to be at home every night to lie by their side.”

As for Gojek, JM enjoys driving with the platform for many reasons: being able to explore the city, meeting new people, enjoying a clear-cut incentive scheme, and being on a schedule that fits his many interests.

The 40-year-old also takes particular pride in making his passengers comfortable with the right music choices. “I do what I need to do – everyone wishes to have a nice ride, and I make sure I do what I can to make that happen.”

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