Coffee with Henry: Driver-partner, singer, Singaporean
Coffee with Henry: Driver-partner, singer, Singaporean
23 Feb 2024

In this series, the Gojek team sits with our driver-partners over a cup of coffee, as they tell us about their lives.

To say this driver-partner is passionate is an understatement – everything Henry has ever expressed an interest in, he’s also committed to: singing, driving, and of course, being Singaporean. 

While singing is a relatively new hobby for him, Henry has participated in over 400 singing and acting competitions since 2013, of which he’s won best-dressed awards for at least 320. Not at all a surprise, considering he takes special care in designing every one of his costumes himself before engaging the help of a tailor to make his visions come true. “After a certain age, you start asking yourself if there’s anything you must do before you die. To me, that’s all this,” he explains. 

The 63-year-old also uses his talents in crafting ornate décors when it comes to National Day celebrations. “People don’t decorate on National Day the way they do on CNY and Christmas, so I thought, why shouldn’t I?” he explains, as he gives the Gojek team a tour of his car. With everything from charts of the country’s past and present leaders to driving while decked out in red-and-white outfits that actually light up, there’s no denying his love for the country. “I just really want to inspire my fellow countrymen to celebrate as enthusiastically too,” he says.

Curious, we asked if his family ever objects to his hobbies. “My wife’s great. As long as I bring home the bacon, she’s happy for me,” he laughs. 

To make time and money for his many passions, Henry drives with Gojek, and enjoys talking to his passengers the most.

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