Faces of GOJEK · 14 Aug 2019

Coffee with Aidil: Para-athlete, team manager, driver-partner

The ‘Coffee with’ series sees the Gojek team getting to know their driver-partners over a cup of coffee.

31-year-old Aidil still remembers the exact date his life changed: 1 July 2013. Mere days before his wedding, he was met with an accident that has left him in need of a mobility aid for life.

Not one to let his physical limitations get in the way of his dreams, Aidil has since conquered his fear of being on the road again – he’s worked on getting a TDVL, and eventually made his way into driving with Gojek. 

Did you know? Aidil and our general manager, Lien, go way back – Lien was Aidil's commanding officer while in the army!

When he’s not driving, the father-of-two also actively plays for the Singapore Wheelchair Rugby – also known as Murderball for its intensity. Given its unique nature, the sport requires specifically-designed wheelchairs, and is definitely not for everyone – even able-bodied persons. And yet as manager, Aidil has brought his team to many victories, including one in Bali earlier this year, where they landed on second place.

“I used to be a very sporty person before the accident. And I still try to be – I love sports. I love keeping myself fit,” says Aidil, “Besides, being active also keeps you distracted from bad influences.”

We sit in awe as Aidil ends our chat with a list of his other hobbies: swimming, rock-climbing, bowling, badminton, archery. Even when he’s not breaking into a sweat, it’s another sport he enjoys doing: fishing.

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