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COVID-19: Gojek care package for drivers

Your health and well-being matter to us here at Gojek. We will take the necessary measures and extend support where needed, including financial assistance to ensure your livelihood is not affected due to loss of income if you are placed under quarantine by the Ministry of Health, in relation to the Novel Coronavirus.

On top of the government’s Quarantine Order Allowance Scheme, Gojek will provide you with protection and earnings stability through the following programs:  

(1) Earnings protection: 

As part of GoalBetter, eligible driver-partners will be covered under prolonged medical leave insurance of up to $1,040 in the event that you are served with a Quarantine Order (QO) or have to take medical leave.

(2) Waiver of vehicle rental: 

If you are issued a QO, your vehicle rental will be waived for the period of the quarantine if you are renting from a GoFleet partner and have onboarded into the GoFleet program.

(3) GoalBetter tier protection: 

If you are issued a QO and are unable to drive, your GoalBetter trips accumulation during the quarantine period will be calculated based on the daily average trips achieved during the trip accumulation period. The calculated total number of trips for the quarter will then be used to determine your tier for the next program period.

Do remain vigilant and adopt good personal hygiene practices. Please refer to government channels such as the Ministry of Health (MOH)’s website or the Whatsapp group for the latest updates on the Wuhan coronavirus situation.

We are committed to supporting our driver-partners. You may contact Driver Care (24 hours) at 3135 3135 for the following:

  • If you have been to Mainland China in the last 14 days
  • If you have been issued a quarantine order
  • If you need further assistance

Travel & Health Declaration 

In order to enhance preparedness and take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, Gojek will be tracking the travel and health status of our driver-partners as requested by the authorities.

Please make a declaration if you have:

  1. Been to China within the last 14 days AND/OR
  2. Have plans to travel to China.

Fill in the declaration form here


For more details please refer to the following FAQs.

Coverage for Prolonged Medical Leave

Q: Who is eligible for coverage under prolonged medical leave insurance?
A: If you are served a Quarantine Order (QO) and are a driver-partner currently on GoalBetter’s Gold and Platinum tiers, you are eligible to make a claim. If you are in another tier and have bought a Gigacover FLEP policy on your own accord on or before 30 January 2020, you are also eligible to make a claim.
Q: Can I make a claim if I was issued a QO or outpatient MC relating to the Novel Coronavirus?
A: Yes – this will be considered as hospitalization leave. Your QO is eligible for claims as long as you have been covered with a Gigacover FLEP policy on or before 30 January 2020. Driver-partners covered by Gigacover’s FLEP since then should submit their MCs to Gigacover to make a claim.
Q: How much am I covered?
A: Eligible driver-partners will be entitled to $80/day in payout, which will kick in from the 2nd day of hospitalization. In the event that you have been served an extended QO and/or have to be hospitalized beyond 14 days, you will continue to be entitled to the $80/day payout for up to 84 days. For more details, read here.
Q: Can I purchase a FLEP policy now and be covered for the Novel Coronavirus?
A: You may purchase a FLEP policy any time. However, coverage for cases related to the Wuhan coronavirus is only applicable to policies that have been in force on or before 30 January 2020.
Q: How do I make a claim?
A: Please upload photos of your ID, QO document and/or MC, medical bills and reports (if any) on the Gigacover app. This should take no more than 5–10 minutes. So make sure all your documents are ready at hand!
If you are unable to submit your claim on the app, please email Gigacover at
Q: Can I still get the Quarantine Order Allowance Scheme provided by the government?
A: Yes, you will – your benefits with Gigacover are independent of any scheme by the government.

Q: I have been served with a QO but do not seem to be an eligible GoalBetter driver-partner and have not purchased a Gigacover FLEP policy. What should I do?  

A: We will do our best to support you. Please contact Driver Care (24 hours) at 3135 3135 to alert us about your QO. We are committed to helping our driver-partners and will assess the circumstances of each case.

Q: Where can I get help?
A: Please contact Driver Care (24 hours) at 3135 3135.

Vehicle Rental Waiver

Q: Will I be covered for my vehicle rental cost during the period of my QO?
A: If you rented your vehicle from a GoFleet Partner and you have been onboarded into the GoFleet program, your rental will be waived. If you are not renting from a GoFleet Partner, please reach out to your rental partner for more details.
Q: How do I apply for vehicle rental waiver during the period of my QO?
A: As soon as you receive the QO, please alert your GoFleet Partner from which you have rented your vehicle from. You should also alert Gojek by contacting Driver Care (24 hours) at 3135 3135. 

Alternatively, you may notify us at with a photo/scan of the QO document and a copy of your rental agreement with your GoFleet Partner.

GoalBetter Tier Protection

Q: Will my GoalBetter tier for the subsequent program period be affected if I cannot drive during my QO?

A: Not to worry! If you are issued a QO and are unable to drive, we will determine your subsequent program tier using your daily average trips achieved during the trip accumulation period.

Example:  You are placed in quarantine for 14 days and had previously accumulated 750 trips in 50 days during the trip accumulation period from 16 Dec 2019, 1AM—16 Mar 2020, 12.59AM. 

We will calculate your daily average trip as 750/50= 15 trips per day, and will provide a bonus 210 trips (15 trips x 14 days) to help compensate for the quarantine period.

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