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Moving together with you in 2022

Dear driver-partners,

The past few months have seen a sharp rise in fuel costs resulting from the dynamic global situation. Over the past few weeks, we have also spoken with many of you and heard first-hand about the challenges that you are facing.

We've been listening to you, and have been actively exploring ways to help address your concerns. As such, we would be introducing both a driver fee as well as higher trip start fares to help with the rising fuel costs, along with adjustments to the daily and monthly incentives to sustainably improve your overall earnings.

Together with the service fees that remain unchanged at 10%, we hope that you enjoy higher upfront take home earnings per trip, with less dependence on incentives. We will roll out these initiatives as soon as possible, and you can look forward to the changes starting at the end of March. Details on the new schemes can be found below.

Thank you for staying with Gojek in spite of the pressures - we will continue to do our best together with you.

Lien Choong Luen

General Manager of Gojek Singapore

More details and FAQs below.

Better fares to help you cope with the rising fuel costs.

From 31 March 2022, we will be making the following improvements to our fares as part of our efforts to help you earn a sustainable livelihood on our platform. 

Introducing driver fee per trip

With fuel prices rising over the past few months, we will be implementing a temporary driver fee for at least 2 months to help you offset the costs, until at least 31 May 2022, with 100% of the amount going directly to driver-partners, paid for by passengers. 

💡 What you need to know

  • 100% of the driver fee goes to you – no service fees will be applied.
  • The amount of the driver fee will be paid out on every trip – and will be reflected as a separate line item in your payment details screen. 
  • The driver fee will be applied to all GoCar, GoCar XL, and GoCar Premium trips – but not applicable for GoTaxi trips
    • $0.50 for short trips below 10km
    • $0.80 for long trips of 10km and above

Higher trip start fares

We are striving to help you bring home more earnings by increasing the trip start fares. Do note that the final trip fees are subject to real-time demand and supply conditions on the road.

💡 What you need to know

  • Trip start fares will increase for GoCar, GoCar XL, and GoCar Premium trips:
    • +$0.50: GoCar trips
    • +$0.80: GoCar XL and GoCar Premium trips
  • Subject to 10% service fees
  • Not applicable for GoTaxi trips

Rewarding your loyalty with monthly service fee rebates.

From 1 April 2022, Premium (GoFleet only), Pro, and Elite driver-partners will be eligible for up to 25% service fee rebates for all trips completed within the month, upon completing at least 500 monthly trips.

Important: This replaces the current monthly loyalty bonus which will run until 31 March 2022.

This means that with just 500 minimum trips (instead of the previous 700 trips required to receive the maximum monthly loyalty bonus), Elite GoFleet driver-partners can effectively drive with just 7.5% service fees.

Learn more about the new monthly loyalty service fee rebates here.

Revised daily incentives for extra earnings beyond trip fares.

With the driver fees and higher trip start fares contributing to better overall fares for every trip, we hope that you will be able to take home more earnings with less dependency on daily incentives for stable earnings.

From 2 May, we will be revising the points for the daily incentives scheme, which will include a new earnings target of up to $130/day (previous maximum target was $100 daily).

Learn more about the revised daily incentives here.

Our commitment to you

Gojek’s service fees continue to remain unchanged at 10% for every trip – a commitment we’ve made since 2021 that will remain until at least the end of 2022. We’re focused not just on building a sustainable livelihood with you, but also on delivering a better driving experience. 

From upcoming enhancements such as waiting fees, to new driver campaigns and more app improvements, driver-partners can look forward to a better road ahead together.

Stay tuned for more details.


✅ General

Q: Why will these initiatives only begin on 31 March 2022?

A: We're working closely with the authorities to roll out these initiatives as soon as we can as per regulatory guidelines, while taking into consideration rising costs of living impacts all users. As we seek to provide financial support for all driver-partners, we are also focused on ensuring we provide safe and reliable rides at fair and competitive prices for both riders and driver-partners.

✅ Driver fee

Q: When will the new driver fee take effect?

A: The temporary driver fees will apply to all trips, excluding GoTaxi, from 31 March 2022, 1AM. This will remain in place for two months until at least 31 May 2022, by which time Gojek will assess the need to further extend its support for driver-partners.

Q: Which service types will the driver fee be applicable for?

A: The driver fees will be applied to all GoCar, GoCar Premium and GoCar XL rides, with the exception of GoTaxi, as fares are subject to the taxi’s meter.

Q: If customers edit their destination, will the driver fee be based on the initial estimated distance or actual distance traveled?

A: The new recalculated distance will be used to determine the driver fees.

Q: How will the driver fees be calculated for multi-destination trips? 

A: If the customer adds a destination, the driver fee is determined by the total distance traveled. 

Q: Are driver fees incrementally applied? 

A: No. The driver fee is determined based on the final trip distance. For short trips less than 10km, a flat-fee of $0.50 will be applied. Long trips of 10km and above will be subject to a $0.80 flat-fee.


Q: Will the driver need to manually add the additional driver fees after the trip is completed?

A: No, it will automatically be added to the fare.

Q: How can I check / see how much was charged?

A: Drivers will be able to view the driver fee amount in their Payment Details screen after the trip is completed. 

Q: Is the driver fee taxable?

A: Yes, driver fees will be treated as taxable income.

✅ Higher trip start fares

Q: How will the additional trip start fare be reflected? Will there be a separate component?

A: No, there will not be a separate component. The higher trip start fares will be reflected as part of the overall Gojek fare. Do note that final fares are subject to the real-time demand and supply conditions on the road.

Q: When will the updated trip start fares take effect?

A: The higher trip start fares will be implemented together with the driver fee on 31 March 2022, 1AM.

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