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UPDATED: Personalized points of interest for more orders

Updated 30 Jun 2021

Better predictions of demand with personalized Points of Interest

We hear your struggles on the current heatmap:

  • The “hot” areas are not specific enough on where you should head to for better demand
  • You need more information to make an informed decision on whether you should drive to other areas for better demand

With our all-new Points of Interest (POI) feature, you’ll be able to receive personalized recommendations on specific locations near you for a higher likelihood of getting an order.

Update: Points of Interest are now available at all locations across Singapore, and are based on almost real-time demand! Plus, we've made improvements so that high demand POIs are even closer to you than before.

What are Points of Interest?

They are high demand locations according to your current location for the next 30-60 minutes, with information on potential earnings and your estimated waiting time for orders.

The higher the score of the Point of Interest, the higher the likelihood of receiving an order at the location. 

  • Moving to these recommended locations will help you to receive orders faster.

💡 Do note that this is not a guarantee of receiving an order

  • It is based on the combination of historical demand and the availability of drivers in the surrounding area, and may be influenced by factors such as bad weather, road blocks, and operating hours.

How do I navigate to the Points of Interest?

Step 1: When you are ready to go online, tap on this button on your GoPartner app home screen

Step 2: Select a time slot within the next hour to view the Points of Interest. Tap on any Point of Interest to view the potential earnings and waiting time 

Step 3: From the home screen, select “View on list” for a list view of all the Points of Interest and additional details. Click “Directions” for your selected Point of Interest to be redirected to Google Maps to navigate to the location.

💡 Ensure that your GoPartner driver app has been updated to the latest 1.8 version in order to see the new Points of Interest feature.

More FAQs below.


Q: How are these Points of Interest recommendations derived?

These recommendations and scores are based on the supply (number of available driver-partners) & demand (predicted orders) around the locations.

Q: When should I use this Points of Interest feature?

We would recommend that you check the Points of Interest throughout the day to receive orders faster and to be closer to customers.

Q: How are these Points of Interest different from heatmaps?

While the heatmaps will provide you with general areas with higher demand based on surge pricing, the Points of Interest recommendations will help you to better understand the precise locations with higher demand. 

This is also coupled with additional information such as location scores, average fares, and estimated waiting time to help you make more informed decisions. 

Q: Are the Point of Interest recommendations mandatory for me to follow?

It is not mandatory to follow the recommendations. This is a tool to assist you to be closer to locations with a higher likelihood of receiving orders.

Q: Will I definitely get orders if I follow the recommendations?

No, these recommendations are based on the combination of historical demand and the availability of drivers in the surrounding area, and may be influenced by factors such as bad weather, road blocks, and operating hours. 

Driving towards the recommended Points of Interest increases the probability of getting an order. The closer you are to them and the higher the score, the higher the chances of getting an order. 

Q: Will I only see Point of Interest recommendations if I am a regular driver?

No. All drivers are able to access this feature, please update to the latest driver app version 1.8 and above.

Q: Why are the Points of Interest with scores 9 and 10 highlighted separately?

Points of Interest with the scores 9 and 10 represent unique high demand locations where the chances of you getting an order would be very high.

Q: I have the latest app version installed, but I'm not able to see this feature. What should I do?

Please do the necessary troubleshooting: Log out > Clear cache

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