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📍 Multi-destination: all you need to know

What’s in it for you?

Receive more earnings for every additional stop request made by customers. 

How does this work? 

Customers can add up to 2 extra stops (3 stops in total). Each extra stop comes with a surcharge of $5 (subject to 15% service fee), on top of trip fare that is based on the total distance travelled.

How this looks like in your Driver app


Mr Lim and friends booked a ride with 3 different destinations. 

📍Stop 1: Somerset MRT Station

📍Stop 2: Bras Basah

📍Stop 3: AXA Tower 

Here’s the booking flow within your Driver app:

  1. You have arrived at your pickup location
  2. Swipe up to see full details of all stop requests 
  3. Begin your journey after swiping “I’m with customer”

Here’s how the trip flow with multiple stops will look like in your Driver app once you’ve picked up your customer:

  1. Swipe “Arrived at stop 1” once you’ve arrived at the 1st stop
  2. Swipe “Arrived at stop 2” once you’ve arrived at the 2nd stop
  3. Swipe “End trip” once you’ve arrived at the 3rd and final stop.

Total amount to collect = Fare based on total distance travelled + $5 surcharge per additional stop at Stop 2 and Stop 3 


Q: How many extra stops can customers add to their booking?

A: Customers can add up to 2 additional stops before completing the trip at the final location. (Total 3 stops)

Q: How is the fare calculated? 

A: The fare of a multi-destination trip will be based on the total distance + surcharge per stop ($5)

Eg. Pickup to Drop off A to Drop off B and finally ends trip at Drop off C, fare will be based on the total distance travelled from pickup to Drop off C + $10 ($5 surcharge for 2 additional stops)

Q: Are the multi-destination surcharges subject to service fees? 

A: Yes. For a $5 surcharge for every additional stop, driver-partners will receive 85% x $5 = $4.25

Q: Can customers change stop location while on a trip? 

A: If the current trip is a multi-destination trip, customers will not be able to edit the final destination while on trip. 

If the current trip is a single stop trip, customers can edit the final destination during the trip but will not be allowed to add stops.

Q: Can customers request for driver-partners to travel to the second stop and then to the first? 

A: No. The trip journey will be based on the sequence that the customer requested for the stops to be. 

Q: If a customer booked a trip with 3 destinations, can the customer end the order earlier before reaching the final destination?

A: Yes they can, but they will be charged the full amount.

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