New: cancellation fee policy
New: cancellation fee policy
23 Feb 2024

[Updated 1 Feb 2023] 

Do these familiar scenarios frustrate you? 

  • Having your trip cancelled midway after driving more than 4 minutes to your customer’s pick up point 
  • Having your trip cancelled when you’ve already arrived at your customer’s pick up point

We get it, and we hear you! 

As part of efforts to build a fairer Gojek community, we are putting in place a cancellation fee policy that will compensate you for your time and effort on the road. This means that your earnings will be better protected on our platform! 

When will you NOT receive the cancelation fee?

  • If your customer cancels within 4 minutes since they’ve being matched to you and you haven’t arrived at the pick-up point
  • If your customer cancels a booking 4 minutes after the initial ETA indicated upon dispatch (i.e. if you are late). Please only swipe 'I have arrived' when you have reached the pick-up point.

For more details on how this would look like in your Driver app, see below:

  1. You will be notified if your order got cancelled and if you will receive the $4 cancellation fee
  2. The $4 cancellation fee will be reflected in your transaction history

What happens during cash trips? 

If the customer has an outstanding payment from the cancellation fee of a previous trip and chooses to pay in cash, that outstanding balance will be added to their fare for the next trip. 

You will then need to collect that cancellation fee from the customer.

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Collect total cash amount (Trip fare + $4 balance from cancellation fee of customer’s previous trip)
  2. Your net earnings reflected in the app will include the $4 cancellation fee from customer’s previous trip
  3. Your transaction history will reflect the total amount deducted from your Earnings Wallet (15% service fee + $4 cancellation fee)

For example: 

Miss Goh has an outstanding payment of $4 from the cancellation fee of her previous trip. She chooses to settle this outstanding payment in cash together with an upcoming trip, which you will need to collect in cash together with the trip fare. After collecting the total amount, your transaction history will reflect a deduction in your Earnings Wallet (service fee + cancellation fee collected).


Fare: $15 

Cancellation fee: $4 

Total: $15 + $4 = $19 (collect this amount from the customer)

Amount deducted from Wallet: ($15 x 15% service fee) + (Cancellation fee) = $2.25 + $4 = $6.25

Refer below for more FAQs.


Q: Is there any service fee on the cancellation fee?

A: No, the full amount of $4 will be credited to your wallet. There is no service fee.

Q: If I cancel the trip after waiting for my customer for 4 minutes or more, will I get the automated cancellation fee?

A: The automated cancellation fee only applies for trips cancelled after 4 minutes by customers. If you cancel the trip on your end due to passenger no-show after 4 minutes, you may write in to us for a cancelation fee reimbursement via in-app help (From your in-app Order History, select the canceled trip > Help > Payments & Fare-related > I want to request a cancelation fee).

Q: My customer cancelled the trip 4 minutes after the booking, but I didn’t receive any compensation. Why?

A: This is likely because you took longer than the estimated time of arrival to get to the pick-up point, or were not moving in the direction of the customer’s pick-up point. 

If you are facing delays (eg. stuck in traffic), please reach out to the customer via call or in-app chat to let them know you are on the way. 

Do try your best to ensure that you arrive at the pick-up point on time, and only swipe ‘I have arrived’ when you have reached the pick-up point. 

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