News · 16 Dec 2020

New points screen for easy access to personalized incentives

Ever wished for an easier way to keep track of all the incentives you’re eligible for? Your wish comes true this Christmas!

⏰ From Monday, 21 December 2020, you will be able to view all the incentives that you’re eligible for in a new points screen

The new points screen shows the incentives that are currently applicable to you, so you can easily understand how you can earn more points and take home more earnings by completing different trips.

Be sure to update your Gojek driver app to the latest version to view the new points screen! 

How to access this screen?

Step 1: Open the menu, click on “Incentives”.

Step 2: Select “Point schemes”

After selecting "Point schemes", this is what you'll see:


Your points screen will be refreshed at the start of every day. 


Q: What is the points screen about?

A: The points screen helps you understand the details of different point schemes applicable to you.

Q: What are point schemes?

A: Point schemes are Gojek policies that define the number of points you can get when you complete a trip or order.

Q: Why are points so important?

A: Points are required for you to qualify for incentives, which will help you to bring home even more earnings.

Q: What point schemes can I see on the points screen?

A: The points screen is personalized for you, i.e. different driver-partners will have different point schemes applicable to them. You will only be able to see the point schemes applicable for the current day too – previous or future schemes will not be shown.

Q: What are base points?

A: Base points are the minimum number of points you will get upon completing a trip – regardless of the time or day or type of trip.

Q: What are additional points?

A: Additional points are the points that you get on top of the base points. This is dependent on the time, day, or type of trip. For example, you may get additional points during rush hour.

Q: When does the point screen get refreshed?

A: Your points screen content typically refreshes every day. If there are new schemes applicable to you for the following day, you will see them at the start of the day.

Q: I am suddenly seeing a new point scheme in the middle of the day that was not visible earlier at the start of the day.

A: This may be a flash incentive that is only available for a limited time.

Q: I saw a scheme earlier that is no longer available, but it is still on the same day.

A: Not to worry, this simply means that the scheme has expired.

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