News · 17 Oct 2022

GoTaxi: More earnings in less time for taxi drivers

As a Gojek taxi driver, you will be allocated trip requests from both the newly launched GoTaxi (metered fares) service, as well as the existing GoCar (flat fares) service.

This means that you’ll have even more opportunities to receive trip requests and thus more earnings in less time on our platform.

Do note that you will not be able to opt out of receiving GoCar trip requests.

Important Update

Please note that Premium Taxis will no longer be allocated trips under the GoTaxi service type from 24 Oct, 12PM

In order to improve the overall experience customers have riding with Gojek, only standard taxi vehicle driver-partners will receive GoTaxi orders following this update.

What is GoTaxi?

GoTaxi allows taxi drivers to complete metered trips on the GoPartner driver app:

  • Competitive flag down fare
  • Metered fare estimate already includes surcharges based on current taxi policies - no need to edit or add destinations for multi-destination trips
  • Service fee of S$0.60 per trip

Rest assured that all drivers and passengers on GoTaxi and GoCar will be protected with free accident coverage powered by Marsh and underwritten by AIG. For more information, click here.

What is the difference between GoTaxi and GoCar?

Please note that the service fee of $0.60 for GoTaxi trips is no longer waived.

How to accept GoTaxi trips?

1. Getting an order on GoTaxi

Fares on GoCar are upfront – what you see on screen is what you’ll get.

Fares on GoTaxi are estimated – the final fare is based on the total distance and time travelled, as well as other surcharges.

2. Completing an order on GoTaxi

Unlike GoCar, GoTaxi uses metered fares. 

Make sure to put in the final amount shown on your meter into the app. Note that this amount is inclusive of all additional charges, including booking fees, ERP, and tolls.

You do not need to add any platform or service fees as this will automatically be included by the app.

3. Receiving payment for GoTaxi trips

Whether you’re receiving payment via cash or credit/debit card, there is no difference in the process between GoTaxi and GoCar.

  • Payment with Cash: Service fee will be deducted from your Earnings Wallet
  • Payment with Credit/Debit card: Earnings will be credited to your Earnings Wallet after the service & platform fees have been deducted

For more details and help, please refer to the following driver handbooks:

  • For all the features and questions on how to use the GoPartner driver app:
  • For all your GoTaxi-specific questions:


Q: How do I know if the trip is a GoTaxi trip?

A: Check the logo at the top left hand of the screen when you receive the order - this should say ‘GoTaxi’ instead of ‘GoCar’. You will also receive a prompt to remind you to turn the meter on.

Q: Can I opt out of GoCar or GoTaxi trips?

A: No, you will not be able to opt out of either service. As a taxi driver, you will receive both GoCar and GoTaxi trip requests.

Q: I see an estimated amount when I receive the order. Is that the final fare?

A: No, this is an estimated amount. The final fare is based on the total distance and time travelled, as well as other surcharges including ERP and tolls. Make sure that you key in the final amount displayed on your meter.

Q: Are there additional fees I have to pay for GoTaxi trips? 

A: GoTaxi trips are subject to a service fee of S$0.60, and a platform fee of S$0.70.

The service fee is what Gojek charges for use of the app. This will be deducted from your Earnings Wallet.

The platform fee is paid by customers and is automatically included. 

You will not need to include the service or platform fee when entering the metered fare into the app. Simply enter the final amount shown on your meter, as this amount is inclusive of all additional charges, including ERP and tolls.

Q: Will I be eligible for cancellation fees for GoTaxi trips?

A: Yes. For more information on cancellation fees:

Q: Are there different incentives for GoTaxi trips? What incentives am I eligible for as a taxi driver?



  • The service fee for GoTaxi trips is $0.60.
  • You will receive 1 base point for every GoTaxi trip regardless of the fare or timing of the trip. There are no other GoTaxi-specific incentives for GoTaxi trips.


  • For taxi drivers, the service fee for GoCar trips is 10%. 
  • GoCar trips are automatically eligible for the flat fee of $3 for far pickups of 3km or more.
  • You will receive 1 base point for every GoCar trip and will be eligible for extra peak hour points. With peak hour boosters, you can earn up to $100 extra daily when you drive during the peak hours. Learn more:
  • Only GoCar trips will count towards the trips requirement for the monthly safety net.

You can find out more about the incentives that you are eligible for as a taxi driver here:

Q: Will GoTaxi trips be counted towards my GoalBetter tier during the trip accumulation period?

A: Yes, GoTaxi trips will be counted. For more information on GoalBetter:

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