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Earn more for further pick-ups (wef 7 Sep)

Having to travel some distance to pick up a customer? We understand the frustrations of receiving an order that’s far from you as that means more time required to get to your customer’s pick-up location. 

To make up for it, we will be introducing Far Pick-Up Incentives to ensure you get fairly compensated for your efforts on the road! 

This Far Pick-Up Incentive will take effect from 7 September 2020.

How does this Far Pick-Up Incentive work?

For any pick-up distance above 3km, you will receive an incentive for the incremental distance ($0.70 per incremental km, capped at $4). 

Note: This incentive is separate from your trip fare and will be paid by Gojek every following Tuesday to your Earnings Wallet. Please do not collect it from the customer.

How do you qualify?

All driver-partners automatically qualify for this incentive as long as two requirements are met: 

  • Distance to pick-up is more than 3km
  • Order is completed 

We hope that the introduction of this incentive will help to enhance your driving experience and encourage you to accept more trips as we continually look for ways to improve our platform. Thank you for doing your part to create a great ride-hailing experience for all users! 


Q: Who pays for the Far Pick-Up Incentive?

A: The incentive amount will be paid by Gojek to driver-partners. This incentive is separate from your trip fare, so please do not collect this amount from the customer.


Q: Is the Far Pick-Up Incentive service fee deductible?

A: No, this incentive is not subject to 20% service fees.

Q: How is the pick-up distance determined for this incentive?

A: The incentive will be calculated based on the pick-up routing distance determined by the Gojek GoPartner app. 

For back-to-back orders, pick-up distance is calculated based on the driver’s location at the time of receiving the booking request. 

You will only get an incentive on the incremental distance above 3km.

Q: When will I receive the Far Pick-Up Incentive?

A:  You will receive the Far Pick-Up Incentive amount for Monday, 1AM to the following Monday, 12:59AM, on every following Tuesday in your Earnings Wallet. 

Q: Who is eligible for the Far Pick-Up Incentive?

A: All driver-partners are automatically eligible as long as the pick-up distance is more than 3km and the order is completed.

Q: How would I know whether I’ve received the Far Pick-Up Incentive? 

A: The incentive amount will be reflected in your Gojek Earnings wallet upon payment with the description ‘Far Pick-Up incentive’ every Tuesday. In addition, you should also be able to see this under the Incentives section of your weekly earnings statement. 


Q: How long will this Far Pick-Up Incentive be valid for? 

A: We are continually monitoring market conditions and your needs in this climate and may adjust our measures where required. Our commitment remains to safeguard your livelihood on our platform.  

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